'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Shakira?
'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Shakira?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Blind Auditions and Battle Rounds are over on The Voice season 4, and with 32 contestants left, the Knockout Rounds will cut that number in half. Each coach will pit two of their singers against each other, each with their own song, and then pick one winner and one loser.

Shakira has an odd mix of talent, none of whom seem particularly exciting. But that just opens the door for anyone to move on. She's got Spanish-language singers (at least one of whom will definitely move forward), country, blues, R&B, pop and a little bit of everything. Here's her roster of eight.

Garrett Gardner
Kris Thomas
Mary Miranda
Monique Abbadie
Shawna P.
Tawnya Reynolds
Karina Iglesias (stolen)
Sasha Allen (stolen)

DEFINITELY SAFE: Monique Abbadie and Sasha Allen

Shakira will definitely want a Spanish-language singer in the competition, and Monique seems to be her best bet, someone who's young, but with professional experience. And Sasha was her best steal, an incredibly talented singer who will shine now that she won't be torpedoed by Adam Levine's song choices.

DEFINITELY OUT: Tawnya Reynolds, Kris Thomas, Shawna P.

Tawnya is just not up to par with the rest of the team. The coaches seem impressed that Kris sings like a woman, but other than the novelty of that fact, he hasn't been very good. And Shawna is raspy and fun, but I don't see her having a place on the team.

THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK: Mary Miranda, Karina Iglesias, Garrett Gardner

Mary seemed to struggle in her battle, but Shakira loves her and I could easily see her doubling down on Spanish singers by keeping Mary and Monique. Karina was unimpressive during the audition, then blew everyone away in the battles. It could go either way. And Garrett isn't particularly great, but Shakira has a soft spot for him, and since he and Kris are the only guys left, he could stick around.


Monique Abbadie and Sasha Allen should definitely be safe. I also think Shakira will want a guy on her team, which gives Garrett Gardner an edge. Finally, Shakira's love of Spanish singers could lead to having a back-up for Monique, so I'm going with Mary Miranda.

What do you think about Team Shakira on The Voice season 4? Which four contestants will survive the Knockout Rounds?

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