'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Blake?
'The Voice' Season 4: Who Will Survive the Knockout Rounds on Team Blake?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Blind Auditions and Battle Rounds are over on The Voice season 4, and with 32 contestants left, the Knockout Rounds will cut that number in half. Each coach will pit two of their singers against each other, each with their own song, and then pick one winner and one loser.

Blake Shelton hasn't had much success with country artists on The Voice. Despite his rich pedigree, the Team Blake winners and finalists have been more pop/rock while contestants like RaeLynn went home in the quarterfinals. This season, however, Blake clearly wants to break that streak by taking a country singer to the end. Here's his team.

Danielle Bradbery
Grace Askew
Holly Tucker
Justin Rivers
Savannah Berry
The Swon Brothers
Luke Edgemon (stolen)
Taylor Beckham (stolen)

All six of Blake's battle winners are country singers, making his ultimate goal very obvious.

DEFINITELY SAFE: Savannah Berry and Holly Tucker

Blake wants a country winner, and Savannah and Holly are both young and talented. They might be kind of similar (teen country girls), but Holly seems to have a bit more gravitas while Savannah is more young and fun. There's room for both of them.

DEFINITELY OUT: Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers, Taylor Beckham

There's no way Blake will keep three teenage country girls around, which leaves Danielle out in the cold. The Swon Brothers are fun, but I think Blake will want to avoid duos. And Taylor was just a mind-numbingly poor steal.

THE MIDDLE OF THE PACK: Grace Askew, Justin Rivers and Luke Edgemon

Grace is older, but has the rasp to attract some voters, especially since older contestants like Nicholas David and Terry McDermott did so well last season. We haven't really seen any of Justin, but after his battle the other coaches were talking about how great he is, so he could be the secret weapon that breaks out as a star in the Knockout Rounds. And Luke was a solid steal, and though he's more blues and soul than country, he's certainly a strong contender.


Savannah Berry and Holly Tucker are definitely safe in my opinion. I think Blake may want to split his chances among gender lines, so I'm giving the edge to Justin Rivers and Luke Edgemon as his two other Knockout Round winners.

What do you think about Team Blake on The Voice season 4? Which four contestants will survive the Knockout Rounds?

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