'The Voice' Season 3 Finale Predictions: Who Will Win?
'The Voice' Season 3 Finale Predictions: Who Will Win?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The voting is over and now it's time to announce the winner of The Voice season 3. Tuesday's two-hour finale (starting at 9pm) will feature a slew of guest performers including Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and The Killers. But more importantly, one of the final 3 will become the winner of The Voice.

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Team Blake has two hopefuls remaining, Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and former Hey Monday lead singer Cassadee Pope. Team Cee Lo has the other finalist, soul singer Nicholas David.

This season The Voice seems fairly easy to predict. Cassadee Pope has been running away with the competition since the Top 10, charting every week on the iTunes Top 10 and delivering killer performances. She also ended the performance finale with an amazing rendition of Faith Hill's "Cry."

Quite frankly, I would be shocked if Cassadee doesn't win at this point. She seems to be head and shoulders above the other two, particularly when it comes to her devoted fan base. But can Terry or Nicholas overtake her?

The Case for Terry McDermott

This classic rocker has a huge nostalgia feel to him. He's covered some iconic songs throughout the competition from The Who to Journey to The Beatles. His reprise of "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner in the finale also reminded fans that he has a sensitive side. Then there's his son, who is insanely adorable. Still, it seems almost unfathomable to me that Terry could eke out a win. But stranger things have happened this season, including Christina Aguilera choosing Adrianna Louise over De'borah and the exits of Dez Duron and Amanda Brown.

The Case for Nicholas David

If anyone can steal the win from Cassadee, it's Nicholas. His family story is extremely touching (two kids with another on the way, and who didn't tear up when he returned home and went with his wife to get a sonogram?). The finale also highlighted both sides of his personality. He was wild, fun and goofy with his "Great Balls of Fire" and "Fire" mash-up and soulful with his reprise of "Lean on Me." He's definitely an underdog and I will be the first to cry out "HOLY BUCKETS!" if he wins, but maybe he has a shot, especially if Blake Shelton's fans split their votes between his two remaining artists.

But as great as Terry and Nicholas are, neither can really hold a candle to the impact Cassadee Pope has had on The Voice. She's been an iTunes-selling machine all season and she has the country fans locked up thanks to Blake pushing her in that direction.

Her biggest obstacle might be her gender. The first two winners of The Voice were both male, and even though it's a different show, the last five winners of American Idol have been men. Women simply have a harder time succeeding on reality singing competitions. But if anyone can shatter that glass ceiling, it's Cassadee. Maybe that's why she raises her arm in every performance.

Last week I said I was 95 percent certain Trevin Hunte was going home, and I was right. This week I'm 96 percent sure Cassadee Pope will win.

Even if The Voice season 3 finale is that predictable, I'm still looking forward to a two-hour show jam-packed with guests and performances. I'm also hoping for Usher and Shakira to stop by to prepare for their future gigs as coaches in season 4. At the very least it will be nice to see former contestants return, and hopefully Cee Lo Green will finally dress in something that doesn't resemble one of Elton John's duvet covers.

The Voice season 3 finale airs at 9pm on NBC.

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