'The Voice' Season 11 Finale Recap: Who Is the Winner?
'The Voice' Season 11 Finale Recap: Who Is the Winner?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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We've reached the end of another season of The Voice. This is season 11 and while the show has yet to produce anyone even remotely close to Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, The Voice is still going strong. While four singers await the final results, most accounts have this coming down to a Billy vs. Sundance showdown, which seems appropriate since their coaches are Adam and Blake.

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Who will emerge victorious? Can Sundance Head lead coach Blake Shelton to his fifth win (and continue the streak of the last three winners who all appeared on the first Blind Audition episode)? Or can Billy Gilman give coach Adam Levine his fourth win, tying Blake, and continue Alisan Porter's trend of former child stars winning the show?

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This is The Voice!

Opening Video: The finale opens witha video of  Adam Levine taking a Ferris Bueller-style day off to avoid press for the finale, which I'm pretty sure is just an excuse for him to have a shower scene. There's also a pretty funny Gwen Stefani shout-out to distract Blake and a cameo by Ben Stein.

Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande
: Carson Daly gloats about how the guests and judges tonight have won 78 Grammys, then kind of undercuts his point by mentioning that one-third of those are due solely to Stevie Wonder. And let's not pretend that Miley is responsible for any of those Grammys. Stevie and Ariana perform their new song "Faith."

Josh Gallagher's Bring Back Performance: He brings back Austin Allsup and Brendan Fletcher to have fun with Jason Aldean's "My Kind of Party." It's a nice little country rock performance.

Sundance and Blake: The singer/coach dynamic is highlighted and my entire takeaway is that Sundance says Blake laughs like Count Chocula. Now that's all I can hear.

John Legend and We McDonald: The youngest singer in the finale, as Carson keeps saying, gets to perform with this Legend.

Miley's Strategy: We get an entire segment on how all she does is talk and talk and talk, but no one understands her except for Dolly Parton.

Sting: Sting performs his new single and I'm distracted by the fact that we're more than 30 minutes into this finale and haven't had a Billy Gilman sighting yet. Is that intentional or just bad producing, because we've seen Josh and We perform while Sundance got a whole segment.

Billy Gilman's Bring Back Performance: Finally, Billy shows up to sing "Proud Mary" with Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Courtney Harrell and Sa'Rayah. This is all about powerful voices because Billy rolls deep with kick-ass divas. I feel like this was probably the cool kids' table of the season.

We and Alicia: Alicia feels like We is her little sister and has great affection for her. So sweet.

Cam and Josh Gallagher: Now it's time for Josh to perform with a famous country singer. The fact that the show is getting Josh's two performances out of the way this early is probably bad news for his prospects tonight.

The Weekend: The finale of The Voice is just one long concert. There's a tiny bit of filler, but this makes seven performances in the first hour. Personally, I prefer the DWTS finales where they use more of the actual cast of the season.

Blake's Fashion: We get a whole segment of Blake dressing like Miley. But he doesn't care because he's dating the most stylish woman in the world.

Kiss and Sundance Head: This feels like childhood wish fulfillment for Sundance. But at what age does it become weird for these guys to dress in leather and wear make-up? I don't know the answer, but I'm certain everyone in Kiss is well past it.

We McDonald's Bring Back Performance: She's bringing back Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker and Brendan Fletcher for Kanye West's "Love Lockdown." Wow, Brendan is very popular, being brought back twice.

Presents for the Final 4: Carson reveals that Toyota is giving each of the Final 4 their own personal recording studios in their homes. Wow, that's a sweet deal.

Josh and Adam: Adam is just happy to take a country singer to the finale to battle Blake. They're just too cool dudes. Adam makes Josh a little more rock 'n' roll while Josh makes Adam a little more country.

Kelly Clarkson and Billy Gilman: The original reality singing competition winner performs with Billy, doing "It's Quiet Uptown" from the Hamilton Mixtape. Damn, this is an amazing confluence of greatness. Now I really want Billy to win.

Sundance Head's Bring Back Performance: Rounding out the Final 4's performances tonight, he's recruiting Courtney Harrell and Austin Allsup for a Team Blake reunion. So Austin and Courtney join Brendan in getting double duty. The Voice definitely leans very heavily towards country music.

Billy and Adam: Adam seems obsessed with Billy's range and they seem to laugh and goof around a lot.

Bruno Mars: He sings "24K Magic," which makes me think of "24 Carrot Magic" which makes me imagine a bunny sawing a lady in half.

Alicia's Master Class: Her behind-the-scenes segment shows her teaching the other coaches how to play the piano. It's an excuse for Blake to do some silly stuff and pretend to be a great pianist.


It's finally time to get to why we came here, but first the Final 4 talk about how much their coaches mean to them. Josh lightens the mood by bringing up the fact that Adam didn't originally turn his chair for him.

The singer eliminated in FOURTH PLACE is...Josh Gallagher!

No surprise since he needed the Instant Save to get here.

The singer eliminated in THIRD PLACE is...We McDonald!

Again, no surprise since we all suspected this would be a Sundance vs. Billy showdown. Also, this ensures that for the 10th time in 11 seasons, a member of Team Blake is in the Top 2. The only exception was season 5, but that was after he won three times in a row, so I'm pretty sure he threw it by purposefully picking a crappy team that year.

The winner of The Voice season 11 is...Sundance Head!

And Team Blake gets its fifth win. Sundance definitely seems like a good guy and this means a lot to him, but it he really going to become a star or will he just join the pile of winners who disappear into obscurity almost right away? Billy definitely seems more commercially viable to me.

But good for Blake, because after three seasons in a row of being the runner-up, he returns to the top. And bad news for Adam Levine: He has NEVER had a singer make the Top 2 during a Spring season.

The Voice will return for season 12 on Monday, February 27 at 8/7c on NBC. Adam and Blake will return as coaches, as will Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani.

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