'The Voice' Recap: The Top 5 Revealed
'The Voice' Recap: The Top 5 Revealed
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Tonight, six will become five as The Voice moves into the semifinal round. And we have the details on how the results show will play out.

The two lowest vote-getters will be at risk of being eliminated. Around 9:55pm, the Twitter save will start, resulting in one artist being the final member of the top 5. At that time, tweet out the name of the artist you want to keep, along with the hashtag #VoiceSave or simply retweet from The Voice Twitter account when they tweet out the name of saved singer and the hashtag.

And guess what: This is the final save of the season! No more Twitter saves, no more of the West Coast having the results spoiled before the show airs on their time.

For the record, I predict James Wolpert and Matthew Schuler will be in the bottom two. BuddyTV readers seem agree, these two had the most votes of who will be eliminated -- with Matthew garnering 53 percent of the votes and James 31 percent. 

Because of the fact that Matthew has more than 20,000 more Twitter followers than James, I'm predicting we'll be saying goodbye to James tonight. But I'll keep my fingers crossed.

What else will we see on the results show tonight? Kelly Clarkson will perform her new single "Underneath the Tree," and Nuno Bettencourt will perform "More than Words" with Cole, Will and James.

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"Underneath the Tree" by Kelly Clarkson

Carson reminds us Kelly is family around The Voice, without making any mention of the fact that she was discovered on the rival show, and also judged her own singing competition, the one-season gem (I use the word loosely) on ABC called Duets. Fun fact: Robin Thicke, John Legend and Jennifer Nettles were the other judges.

Her backup dancers in this very festive performance have given Blake a gift. I want to know what's in there. Oh yeah, I guess she's newly pregnant too. And she has a Christmas special that will air Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 10pm on NBC. Did I also hear that Blake will be dressed like an elf?

Jacquie, Matthew and Tessanne ("You Got the Love")

Before the performance, Both Adam and Christina appealing to their fans to vote for their singers if they need be -- yes because votes are based by who your favorite coach is. 

I'm not sure what Cee Lo is wearing tonight. I'm not talking about the material but just the way it's designed and looks on him.

On to the singing: How did Tessanne draw the short straw to perform with the youngins? It's a very sparkly night tonight, considering Kelly's performance was all about the sparkles.

They're singing to each other, which is cute, and kind of sad if one of them ends up going home. The vocals aren't pleasant in the beginning, but I'm digging it by the end.

The Results, Part 1

The first artist moving into the top 5 is Jacquie Lee

By my observations, she seems to have the most fierce critics of all the remaining artists, but Christina's mini-me is sticking around for another week.

Blake and Xenia ("Silver Bells")

Wow, I feel like we first saw Xenia when she was a baby -- she was 16 I believe when she was on the first season of The Voice, making it to the top 8. I forgot how calming her voice is, but now it's more mature and refined. What a nice performance!

... But Xenia definitely does not seem happy to be there because she has the most serious face after Carson introduces her after the song.

The Results, Part 2

America also saves Cole Vosbury

Wow, that was fast. I thought Carson was going to say "from Team Adam ..." but it looks like they're making Adam and his team sweat because they're all still up there.

Cole, James, Will and Nuno Bettencourt ("More Than Words")

This song really suits Cole and James, and all the guys simply sound fantastic together. If James and Matthew are indeed in the bottom two, James has the advantage from the group performance sing-off.

The Results, Part 3

Aww, Matthew is the outsider against Team Adam, who are standing with their arms linked together. 

The next saved artist is Tessanne Chin!

So what if it ends up being Team Adam vs. Team Adam in the bottom two? I really hope that's not the case. But the bottom two is headed in the direction of what we all predicted. Let's see if that's what happens.

The Top 6 ("O Holy Night")

In the five seasons that I've been watching The Voice, I've never seen artists seem like they truly enjoy each other's presence/company. They acknowledge each other in these group numbers like I've never seen before.

And they sound amazing, especially together (although I realize a lot of the big power comes from Tessanne). I would buy this single -- can't ever have enough versions of Christmas classics.

The Results, Part 4

Exasperated sigh much, Carson?

The fourth artist into the top 5 is Will Champlin

Wow, it actually happened. I certainly wasn't positive even though I predicted it. Whenever it comes down to the final three, I'm always uncertain.

The Twitter Save

Adam is really appealing to the voters, saying he already knows the song he's going to have him sing and also wants to be a better coach. Being humble is the way to go.

Christina keeps focusing on the past with Matthew, whereas Adam talks about the future, which I think is interesting. "Hallelujah" and four-chair turn ... yeah, we know, Christina. We know.

I can't even predict who will be saved by Twitter because it's really neck and neck, with James leading by a mere 100 RTs. 

America instantly saves James Wolpert! This means Matthew Schuler is eliminated!

Oh my goodness. This is nuts for many reasons. Matthew had 20,000 more Twitter followers than James -- twenty thousand. Where were they all? And let's remind you once again that Matthew was so highly touted in the beginning of the season and had the fastest four-chair turn in five seasons.

Furthermore, James was not only fighting through vocal issues last night but completely messed up in one of his songs. So what happened? Did Adam's sincere fight to keep James appeal to voters? Were you more impressed with James in tonight's group performance?

Finally, how the heck is the top 5 comprised of three singers from Team Adam?

Are you happy? Surprised? Mad? Let us know!

The Voice will air Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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