'The Voice' Recap: The Top 10 Perform
'The Voice' Recap: The Top 10 Perform
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Last week, The Voice said goodbye to Jonny Gray and Josh Logan, but I don't think anyone's really missing them.

Jonny's definitely more missed than Josh for his anthemic voice, but his most recent performances just didn't cut it. Since he sounds like Brandon Flowers, maybe he should've just sang songs by The Killers? Two guys leaving at least makes the gender numbers a little more even now.

Now it's top 10 night on The Voice -- an hour later than usual. Judging by the live shots during the hour-long highlights show -- Carson's microphone not turned on and Blake hanging out in the control room -- maybe they needed the extra hour to get things ready. Or something like that.

How are you enjoying the song choices by your favorite artists? Is there any song that you feel a certain singer could perform that could be amazing?

Ponder that thought and leave a comment below before we get underway with The Voice live blog!

Top 10 ("Say It, Just Say It" by The Mowgli)

No matter what, and whether we like it or not, they will always make room for a group performance. At least the corny dance moves are kept to a minimum. 

Austin Jenckes ("Your Love" by The Outfield)

Why Blake wouldn't want Austin to continue building the momentum from last week's country song is beyond me. He says this could be Austin's breakout moment. Well, it's just not because I was expecting it to be a completely reworked song from the way Blake was hyping it up. Adam gives him credit for reining it in, but I disagree that Austin should've brought the power in the beginning. It was getting screechy. But I am starting to really like watching him when he performs. He's so happy, and there's a spark in his eyes. 

Jacquie Lee ("Clarity" by Zedd)

Now we know why Christina is so chill this season -- she's doing yoga! The risk with stripping down a song is that it's extremely difficult to hide the imperfections. She looks like she's thinking about it, hitting each note, and it feels all over the place in the beginning. This feels like a performance Caroline would nail, and that's not good when I'm thinking about her competition doing it better. Cee Lo and Blake both agree the beginning had pitchy notes. Adam commends her for showing vulnerability for her age.

Will Champlin ("Love Me Again" by John Newman)

This is a very good song for him because he can do the piano and also rock out (although I think he couldn't gone harder) and then stand on the piano -- it's all very Will. He knows who he is. His vocals are cleaner than last week's. Christina has a hilarious comment that she thought of Satan because he's wearing red and because of the fire.

Caroline Pennell ("Leaving On a Jet Plane" by John Denver)

Am I the only one who thinks Caroline's talking about her husband, but it's actually her mom who's responding? That's sneaky. Caroline puts her indie twist on the song, and it's nice. Her voice is just so sweet and soothing. The song definitely fits her more than last week's. (Perhaps that's why she was wanting to do something that meant something to her?). Cee Lo hopes she can explore even further in her performances in the future. I agree, but this song wasn't it.

Cole Vosbury ("To Be with You" by Mr. Big)

Cole just kind of ... warms my heart. Every time. I believe him when he tells me he wants to be with me (swoon). Blake says the thing I'm always wondering too: how do you not love Cole? Anyone? I need reasons. Also, I'm kind of shocked he's only 22. I think all the hair is hiding his baby face. 

Tessanne Chin ("If I Were Your Woman" by Gladys Knight and The Pips)

Last week, I thought Tessanne's vocals were great as usual, but I wasn't feeling it from her. I'm totally feeling everything tonight. She tells a beautiful, soulful story with the song, and I'm hanging on to every word/note/movement.

Ray Boudreaux ("You are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne)

Why is Blake's team the only one having a pow-wow? I don't know why I'm just noticing that Ray makes some ugly faces when he sings, like he's just not comfortable. I've never noticed that with anyone else. I don't know what Christina's talking about, with not knowing who Ray is. He's always been the soulful, bluesy guy, hasn't he? But Ray LaMontagne -- and this song -- is a tough task, and it does not compare to the original. He just doesn't have the raw quality of it, but I still enjoyed it.

James Wolpert ("Without You" by Harry Nilsson)

He definitely works on the breathing, so big ups to him for that. Can he stand still for a single second? Adam's reactions to this performance are amazing. I wish the camera's on him the whole time so it can take me away from this very dramatic, borderline over-sung performance. Plus, he's straining. 

Kat Robichaud ("We Belong" by Pat Benatar) 

Well, she definitely gets props for all the work that goes into the performance. But I'm torn with Kat. I loved her in the beginning of the show, but last week and this week I'm not seeing it. I just don't get this one, although I do really appreciate her starting off on the piano and showing that side. There are some classic Kat moments, but I think the movements are taking away from her voice. Adam calls it elegant. Huh? I'll have to watch it again.

Matthew Schuler ("Beneath Your Beautiful" by Labrinth)

Well, he'll probably win. He'll have to, like, forget the words and then drop the microphone to not win at this point. He's really being pushed as a heartthrob, the one teenage girls can scream for. He smashed the charts last week, and I don't see why he won't again. It's been the Matthew Schuler Show since day one, and it feels like everyone else is just playing a part.

Well, that's tonight's show! The bottom three seem pretty obvious to me, but I want to know what you think. And what about this Blake/Adam duet, "Beer and Family"? That's a future hit right there.

Join us again Tuesday night at 9pm on NBC when the Instant Save keeps one bottom three singer, and we bid farewell to two more singers.

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