'The Voice' Recap: The Blind Auditions Come to an End
'The Voice' Recap: The Blind Auditions Come to an End
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the final night of the blind auditions on The Voice season 4. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher all have 11 singers on their teams, which means that in this episode, everybody gets one. Thanks, Spidey (and Family Guy)!

In addition to the singers, I'll be offering some statistical insight as each team gets completed on which coaches had the best and worst success at convincing singers to join their teams.

Mark Lennon ("Come Together" by The Beatles)

He's a 49-year-old in a band called Venice, and Carson Daly is a HUGE fan of them. He's pretty good, but he looks and sounds like he thinks he's half as old as he is. That seems like such a SoCal thing.

Coaches: No one turns around. Carson Daly is more upset than his family. This is another tragic case of having a late audition, because he probably would've had all four chairs turning around if he performed on the first night.

Jacqui Samdell ("Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac)

She was a classically-trained ballet dancer who has moved on to a punk rock band. Wow, another singer in a band. She's OK, but I think her voice is too soft and a little weak.

Coaches: Usher and Blake turn around. Blake likes her leg tattoos and her sneaky, sexy voice. She joins Team Blake. Just like that, one coach is done.

Meet Team Blake>>

He's got a team that's half-country and half-eclectic. On first glance, I don't think it's particularly strong, but I have high hopes for Savannah Berry and Christian Porter. FUN FACT: Blake Shelton pushed his button 26 times to get his 12 singers, winning two of the eight singers who got all four chairs to turn.

Amber Carrington ("Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood)

She's a 19-year-old who wanted to go to Nashville, but her mom died from breast cancer before the big move. She looks a bit like Mae Whitman from Parenthood, who plays a character named Amber. She rocks pretty hard for a country artist.

Coaches: Adam is the only coach who turns around. Blake is angry that he filled up his team already, but he has his fingers crossed that Adam drops her in the battle rounds so he can steal her. She joins Team Adam, and his team is full.

Meet Team Adam>>

Adam's team is insanely stacked. Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Midas Whale, Sasha Allen, Warren Stone and now Amber Carrington all have the potential to go far. If they aren't the six winners of his battles, then he's a moron and one of the other coaches will be able to steal a goldmine. FUN FACT: Adam Levine pushed his button 23 times to get his 12 singers, giving him the best percentage of success in getting people to choose him. He also won four of the eight singers who got all four chairs to turn, meaning he's the obvious favorite among the contestants.

Dustin Hatzenbuhler ("Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble)

He was ALSO in a band, but now he's in his mid-20s and still lives with his parents. He's instantly adorable, especially because his name is so much fun to say. He's good, but the problem with his audition is it's too much of a Michael Buble sound-alike.

Coaches: No one turns around. I guess it's back to his parents' basement. Hey, if Sarah Chalke can do it, then it's OK for Dustin.

Luke Edgemon ("I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt)

His dad is a minister and he went to a lot of gospel churches where his was the only white family in attendance. He also provided back-up vocals for Mary J. Blige and others. He's obviously got plenty of soul.

Coaches: Shakira and Usher turn around. The newbies fight for their last spot, and one will be stuck as the last coach in need of a singer. Shakira tries to get a leg up on Usher by literally putting her leg up like him. And it works, because he joins Team Shakira. Wow, I did NOT see that coming. Her team is complete.

Meet Team Shakira>>

I'm not all that impressed with Shakira's team, though I suspect the Spanish singers like Cathia, Mary Miranda and especially Monique Abbadie will do the best. FUN FACT: Shakira pushed her button 31 times to get her 12 singers, more than anyone else (and five of those were singers where she was the only coach to push her button, more than anyone else). She only got one of the eight singers who got all four chairs to turn. Clearly she was the least favorite choice among the contestants.

Jessica Childress ("Marry You" by Bruno Mars)

She's a sweet woman who just loves to sing. She rocks and all of the other coaches are in love with her and angry that they couldn't push their buttons. But to be honest, The Secret Life of the American Teenager ruined this song for me. If you don't know what I'm talking  about, consider yourself lucky.

Coaches: Usher turns around. Since he's the only coach left, she joins Team Usher and the blind auditions are officially over.

Meet Team Usher>>

I'm very dubious about Usher's team. Maybe oddball Michelle Chamuel, soulful Ryan Innes or bubbly Jessica Childress will do well, but I don't have high expectations for the others. Hopefully Josiah Hawley will stick around for the eye candy. FUN FACT: Usher pushed his button 27 times to get his 12 singers. He only won one of the eight singers who got all four chairs to turn.

All of the teams are complete! It seems incredibly obvious to me that Adam Levine is the frontrunner by about 3,000 miles, with a team full of potential winners, while the other coaches only have one or two strong contestants.

Next week on The Voice, the battle rounds begin and the Steals are back. I suspect Adam Levine's team will be picked clean by the other coaches.

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