'The Voice' Recap: The Top 10 Perform
'The Voice' Recap: The Top 10 Perform
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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To get everyone in the holiday spirit, and perhaps make them forget about the cutthroat competition and insane pressure, The Voice welcomes Gwen Stefani to perform her holiday song, "You Make It Feel Like Christmas." Gwen's real-life boo and five-time winning coach, Blake Shelton, joins her for the festive duet, and we get a little Christmas peek into two of our favorite coaches.  

The Voice has narrowed the performers down to the final 10, but only eight will make it to the next round of competition. On the eve of eliminations, the final singers perform live, trying to convince America to keep them around for (at least) one more bout of the contest.

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Davon Fleming ("Hurt") -- Team Jennifer

You know Davon has chops when he has the nerve to take on a Christina Aguilera tune, though he adds way more gospel than she ever did. He and Jennifer always seem to have fun, probably because they have so much in common, but he definitely doesn't play when he hits the stage. Jennifer might actually be his biggest fan, losing yet another shoe during his performance, but the other coaches have nothing but good things to say to him. Adam calls him "miraculous," and Blake is almost awestruck.

Adam Cunningham ("Maybe It was Memphis") -- Team Adam

This song is about as traditionally country as it gets, and he definitely does it justice. Adam Cunningham just keeps hanging in there from week to week, and this performance proves why. He's been in the bottom two several times, but fans (and his coach, Adam) keep him around because he really is legitimately talented. This Pam Tillis classic is a good choice to get him back to what his fans love most about him. Even when he falters with the lyrics, he follows through with grit, heart and an amazing voice. Coach Adam thinks it might be his strongest of the season.

Noah Mac ("Ordinary World") -- Team Jennifer

Noah may only be 17 years old, but he is far beyond his years. Don't let those heartthrob looks fool you; this guy has soul. Offering up a deconstructed version of the Duran Duran hit, he delivers one of the most moving performances of the night. Miley remarks on the magical quality of his presence, and Jennifer is proud of his consistent delivery of astounding music. And the girls in the audience scream their faces off. Noah makes Duran Duran sound downright existential, and I'm here for it all.

Shi'Ann Jones ("Diamonds") -- Team Jennifer

Jennifer spends most of her time with Shi'Ann giving pep talks and trying to coax her out of her shell. There's no doubt Shi'Ann has the talent to make it through, and her cover of the Rihanna anthem proves that, hands down. But it's her lack of confidence in her own strength as an artist and performer that has the coaches concerned. Audiences have kept her around for her beautiful voice, and you can tell she's getting a little more secure in her own abilities. Adam even names her the "most improved" of the season.

Chloe Kohanski ("Call Me") -- Team Blake

Chloe killed it on the iTunes chart after her previous performance, and her take on Blondie's classic is sure to get the same result. Chloe has a a total Debbie Harry-vibe anyway, and when she hits the stage, it makes you think she was meant to sing this song all along. Chloe can take a song and make you believe she should be the only one to ever sing it again. She's a real bad-ass, and she gets the audience electrified. She's a total crowd pleaser, for sure. Blake spends her whole performance screaming "Yes," so when it comes time to offer feedback, he's mostly speechless. He finds the exact words eventually, telling her, "You're a star." I totally agree.

Keisha Renee ("All By Myself") -- Team Blake

Keisha continues to surprise her coach, and fans, with how versatile she is. Although she has sang country songs in the past, she takes on the moody Celine Dion ballad to show her range and competence. It's a risky choice -- Dion has big shoes to fill -- but Keisha, as always, delivers an amazing and emotional performance. She absolutely kills it and is teary when Carson tries to talk to her after the song, and she is so overcome that she can barely speak. She doesn't have to. Her song said everything we needed to hear.

Ashland Craft ("I Hate Myself for Loving You") -- Team Miley

Miley gives Ashland another song with a strong female voice, with the Joan Jett classic. It's a chance to showcase exactly what makes her voice unique, and it quickly becomes clear this was the perfect choice. This performance proves that Ashland is both a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, and now I'm wondering what she can't do. I definitely don't hate what she does with this song. Jennifer says what everyone is thinking: "I can't take my eyes off of you."

Brooke Simpson ("Amazing Grace") -- Team Miley

Everything about this song choice for Brooke is perfect. It reflects her parents' life work as traveling evangelists, it represents what makes her love music and it definitely shows the beauty and depth in her voice. Even though this is the most performed song in the history of the world, Brooke makes it her own. It is gorgeous and impressive, and Brooke knocks American's collective socks off. It really is that powerful of a performance.

Red Marlow ("That's What I Love About Sundays") -- Team Blake

This song is quite literally about Red and his life. The original songwriters attended his father's church, and the "mean little freckle-faced kid" mentioned in the song is actually about him. It's one of the most personal connections of the night, and you can really tell that Red loves this song. In fact, you can tell that Red loves everything that's happening. Both Blake and Jennifer remark on "that thing" he has. He just makes you root for him.

Addison Agen ("Lucky") -- Team Adam

Addison picks a lesser know Britney Spears song, but she strips it down in a broody meditation on fame and desire. It's an unusual choice for a singer on a reality competition show, but it demonstrates Addison's creativity and willingness to take chances. She performs it beautifully, even though it's kind of dark and sad. Adam offers a bold compliment, calling her the best "artist" of the season.

I can honestly say that every performance was supremely impressive, and I might have voted for them all.

Who did you cast your vote for? Did you pick just one or did you spread the love around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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