'The Voice' Recap: Final 4 Perform in the Semifinals
'The Voice' Recap: Final 4 Perform in the Semifinals
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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And then there were four. The Voice heads into the semifinals of season 3 with a clear divide: Team Cee Lo vs. Team Blake. Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David are still standing for Cee Lo Green while Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope can both make Blake Shelton a repeat winner. Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine are left on the sidelines to muse about the cost of wigs and pre-torn t-shirts.

Will we see one coach land two singers in the finale, or will it be a heads-up battle? And more importantly, what will we do with that extra hour Monday nights since The Voice is half it usual time? Will we stay tuned to watch Howie Mandel's new White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Nasty Christmas show? Or will we flip the channel to catch the penultimate episode of Gossip Girl?

This is The Voice!

Wardrobe Watch: Adam and Blake are looking dapper in suits and ties. Damn, Adam Levine cleans up nicely. Xtina has some weird Two-Face dress on and Cee Lo is in a t-shirt. C'mon, Cee Lo, step it up.

There will be three singers in the finale, so only one person is going home tomorrow. So I guess it won't be just one team at the end.

We kick things off with a Michael Buble performance to help promote his Christmas special airing at 10pm tonight. Thank you, Michael Buble, for giving our aunts someone to lust over while enjoying their boxes of wine.

After talking to the coaches, Carson Daly takes a moment to honor the late Jenni Rivera, who was a coach on the Mexican version of The Voice. Carson is a class act.

Trevin Hunte: "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler

The final 4 are going back home for sweet family reunions. I'm distracted by Trevin's dad, who is dressed like an African dictator. Trevin goes to his school to inspire the kids because he was told he wouldn't succeed. The song choice is definitely driving home his entire theme as a contestant, complete by dedicating it to the kids at his school. If you're into this whole inspirational storyline the show has cultivated for him, then this is right up your alley. Otherwise it's just more of the same. Yes, his voice is amazing, but I can't imagine people would be rushing to their computers to buy his album on iTunes.

Xtina mentions how she used to sing this song at weddings and talent competitions when she was a kid. That's where this song belongs.

Howie Mandel is in the audience dressed like Cee Lo Green and hyping his new game show Take It All as if its the best thing that ever existed.

Nicholas David: "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker

His homecoming melts my heart with his adorable kids. He goes with his pregnant wife for a check-up to hear his new baby's heartbeat. Dang it, he's making me like him. It seems Team Cee Lo's song choices are designed to tug at viewers' heartstrings. He gets very choked up during the performance and it causes him to break a little bit, but it adds a lot to the performance. He sings directly to his family, and near-constant cutaways to them is a bit of an overkill. The best part is that his son just doesn't care at all and is fussy in his wife's arms.

Christina Milian Time

She chats with Michael Buble who tells us that he got Blake a Snuggie and vodka for Christmas. That's the best present ever.

Team Blake's "White Christmas"

Blake Shelton reunites with his entire team to perform this classic for his new Christmas album. I desperately try to remember who most of these people are. Hey, it's Fat Criss Angel (aka Rudy Parris)! And, of course, Michaela Paige's faux-hawk! And about half a dozen failed country gals.

Cassadee Pope: "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban

Cassadee's homecoming is just kind of OK, heading to Florida with her mom and her boyfriend. But her performance is far more than just OK. Blake clearly wants her to win because this is a perfect song for her. It fits into that country/pop/rock genre she does so well. It's sweet, tender, fierce, emotional and everything I've grown to love about this girl.

Blake defends picking country songs for her by explaining that she connects with lyrics better than anyone else, and Blake happens to know a lot of country songs with the kind of powerful lyrics that Cassadee can perform so well. That's a well-reasoned defense of him turning this pop/rock girl into a country darling.

Terry McDermott: "Let It Be" by The Beatles

His homecoming is just plain cool. His son doesn't know he's coming back and Terry surprises him while his son and wife are making a gingerbread house. The kid's reaction ("Oh my gosh") is priceless. Then there's another shock as his aunt and uncle fly over from Scotland to surprise Terry.

In terms of song choice, I don't think he could've picked one more perfect. Seriously, this is perhaps the most universally beloved song. Everyone knows it and everyone loves it. He gets his big rock star moment, but the whole thing is just like a great, big, warm hug.

So that does it. Tomorrow night one person goes home. I'm hoping it's Trevin.

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