'The Voice' Recap: Does Blake Score His First Big Singer of the Season?
'The Voice' Recap: Does Blake Score His First Big Singer of the Season?
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lucille barilla
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After several nights of intense competition, The Voice's fifth night of Blind Auditions begin with some of the most dynamic competitors in the show's recent history. Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys continue to battle it out as they form their teams and attempt to find the voice of season 12.

Alicia, Adam, Gwen and Blake are ready to be wowed by the latest crop of contestants, but will they be disappointed or thrilled by what they hear as the Blind Auditions continue? Let's find out in this recap.

Johnny Gates ("Maggie May")

Johnny Gates comes from a large Italian family who owns a performance venue. His friend had a band, and he was asked to join when he was a teenager. The group recorded a CD that, unfortunately, after two years was never released. Johnny believed he would hit the big time when his band got the chance to open up for rock legend Rod Stewart, but again, his dreams were once again dashed. He feels that at age 31, his time for making his mark in the music business is limited, so he is hopeful that one of the coaches will turn their chairs for him.

Blake, Alicia and Gwen all turn their chairs for the singing hopeful. Alicia loves his range and the rock influence to his music. Blake calls him capable of many things, and Gwen believes she should be the coach for him.

Result: Johnny chooses Team Gwen

Malik Davage ("Sure Thing")

Malik Davage grew up in a tough area of Washington, DC. His father has been in prison from the time Malik was just 2 years old, so he relied on his mother for strength and support in his pursuit of his dream of being a professional singer. He has performed the national anthem for several major league basketball teams. Malik is a young father and wants to make his dreams a reality for his young daughter, whom he calls the most special person in the world. She means everything to him, and he wants to get on the show not only for himself but also for his mother and daughter.

Adam is the first and only one to turn his chair around for Malik. He begins to cry on stage. Adam tells Malik to sit in his chair and relax, and invites his family up on stage with him. Adam calls him a "cool dude," and he is glad to work with him.

Result: Malik chooses Team Adam

Lauryn Judd ("Girls Just Want to Have Fun")

Lauryn Judd, a 16-year-old student from Utah, is a singer in the choir at her school. She is also a part of her town's local performing arts academy. Lauryn has always loved to sing and wants to pursue her dream through hard work and dedication to her craft. She credits her family for their support and strength through the years as she pursues her passion.

Blake, Gwen and Alicia all turn their chairs around for the young dynamo, who cries when realizing she just might be a contender on the show. Alicia wants to help her pull out the best from Lauryn, as does Gwen, who feels she can give her the best training as a vocal coach. Blake knows he might not have a chance with Lauryn, but he felt so strongly about her talent he had to take a chance.

Result: Lauryn chooses Team Alicia

Paul Adrian ("I Got a Woman")

Paul Adrian moved to Houston to try and pursue his dream of becoming a professional singer. Currently, he is a doorman at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston and has had the opportunity to meet some of the biggest songwriters and singers in the industry while working at his job. His father was a serviceman who did two tours of duty in Iraq, and he was subsequently killed while overseas. Paul misses his dad and uses music as an outlet for his emotions to deal with his loss.

None of the coaches turn their chairs around for Paul, though they are complimentary in their praise of his talents.

Caroline Sky ("Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow")

Caroline Sky was part of a family band called the Rocking Robins, a way for her clan to stick together and have fun exploring music and the joy it brings to others. She began singing at small music festivals and bars from a young age in pursuit of her music dream and hopes the coaches hear a lot of soul and emotion in her voice, as she wants them to feel the joy she experiences as a singer relaying her music to fans.

Gwen is the first to turn her chair for the young singer, followed by Blake. Alicia calls Caroline "so talented." Gwen says that as a singer, Caroline has so much patience. Blake cites that he has a lot of success with young singers and taking them to the top of the show as winners.

Result: Caroline chooses Team Gwen

Josh Hoyer ("Oh Girl")

Josh Hoyer is from Lincoln, Nebraska, and is the father of two children. He is a working musician and a bartender while he attempts to make his music dreams a reality. Josh played over 150 shows in 2016 as a touring musician and hates to leave his family and head out on the road but knows that this is his chance to succeed in this tough business. He also needs the opportunity on the show to help his family financially. Josh wants to show his girls that if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, good things can happen for you.

Both Blake and Gwen turn their chairs toward the soulful singer, who delivers the most powerful performance of the night. All the coaches are complimentary of Josh, but only one is a perfect fit.

Result: Josh chooses Team Blake

Who was your favorite performer of the night? Do you think Blake finally has the edge he needs to win the competition again with Josh Hoyer? Will Gwen take this season with her eclectic group of talented singers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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