'The Voice' Recap: Does Adam Strike Country Gold in the Blind Auditions?
'The Voice' Recap: Does Adam Strike Country Gold in the Blind Auditions?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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The Blind Auditions continue on The Voice season 12, and the coaches' artist tallies are as follows: Alicia with five, Adam with four, Blake has five and Gwen has four. Blake's jokes about Adam's sweater number somewhere in the hundreds. But the search for America's great vocal talent is far from over, and each coach is as determined as ever to assemble the best team. It's girls versus the guys and everyone versus Blake. After some of the phenomenal singers we've seen so far, it's going to take some extraordinary artists to get those coaches' chairs to turn.

Micah Tryba ("I'm Every Woman")

Micah Tryba, 24, is from Wheaton, Illinois. For the past four years, Micah has been studying to become a veterinarian, but music has always been a part of her life. She's performed in community musicals, variety talent shows and coffee shops around town. Financial problems prevented Micah from pursuing her career in musical education. In addition, Micah's beloved golden retriever, Lucy, became ill with spinal cancer. She had a great doctor helping her, and that inspired her to want to become that for someone else. While in school, Micah has performed with an a capella group and believes the experience has prepared her for The Voice.

Lovebirds Gwen and Blake turn around for Micah. Adam thinks Micah's voice is incredible with just a few "pocket issues" that could easily be fixed by either coach. Blake is blown away by Micah and truly believes she could wind up standing in the winner's circle. Gwen knows Micah will be tempted to work with Blake because he's "super hot" but warns the young woman not to be tempted by the country heartthrob's dimples. Gwen is convinced she could help Micah get her personality to come through.

Result: Micah chooses Team Blake

Troy Ramey ("Wild World")

Troy, 32, is from Seacliff, New York. Troy's biggest inspiration was his dad, who died of throat cancer. After his passing, Troy got his guitars and began playing in a band, In Like Lions. They received a tweet from host Carson Daly himself, claiming to be a big fan. The band was together for five years, but Troy wanted to venture out as a solo artist.

Troy gets the highly-coveted four-chair turnaround. Adam says that Troy came out and proved to all of the coaches that he's a major contender. Gwen was really moved, and Alicia could hear "lifetimes" in his voice, a combination of all the greats rolled up into it at once. Alicia also thinks he's just cool. Blake uses his considerable charm by bringing out Troy's mom, who is a fan, especially of his dimples. Blake is a fan of Troy's song choice and really digs that Troy sings like a "man."

Result: Troy chooses Team Gwen

Ericka Corbin ("Wade in the Water")

Ericka Corbin is a 31-year-old mom from Aberdeen, Washington. She's always felt drawn to music and loved writing, but after the births of her four children, Ericka chose to dedicate her life to them, which is why she's waited for so long to even try something like this. Ericka's husband feels it's cool for their kids to see their mother pursue her own dreams. She chose to do The Voice to determine if her voice is worth hearing. Ericka would really like to work with Alicia.

Sadly, none of the coaches turn for Ericka. Alicia tells Ericka that she was a second away the entire performance. But as skilled as the singer was, Alicia is still waiting for the "right, right thing," and she'll know it when she hears it.

Jack Cassidy ("One of Us")

Jack Cassidy, 18, is from Westlake Village, California, and he's got some musical pedigree. Jack's uncles are former teen icons David and Shaun Cassidy. His grandmother is Shirley Jones, perhaps best known as the mom on The Partridge Family. Coming from a family of singers, Jack has struggled to find out who he is, and worship music has become his niche.

Alicia and Adam turn around. Adam praises Jack for his passionate commitment to every word he sings. There were moments of imperfection, but Adam believes that's what makes somebody great. It's Alicia's first time seeing someone choose to play the piano alone, and to her, there's nothing like being able to play the piano and sing what you feel. She questions him about his background, and he reveals that he's related to music royalty.

Result: Jack chooses Team Alicia

Kawan DeBose ("Let's Get It On")

Kawan Debose, 30, hails from Miami, Florida. His grandfather was a pastor, and Kawan started singing in the church choir at the tender age of 5. Being from the inner city, Kawan wasn't culturally aware, so his grandmother enrolled him in a performing arts school, which opened Kawan's eyes to the possibility of being a professional singer. After graduation, he began gigging at corporate events and jazz festivals, even opening for Mary J. Blige and Ludacris.

Kawan gives a soulful and sexy performance that results in turnarounds from Adam, Blake and Gwen. Adam is determined to score his first artist of the night. He admits to having a rough season because nobody is as picky as he is when it comes to finding the real thing. Adam says the only man who could do the same kind of falsetto with the same kind of ease and range was Prince. Adam promises Kawan that he will be the number one priority on Team Adam.

Result: Kawan chooses Team Adam

Taylor Alexander ("Believe")

Taylor, 25, is a country singer from Flowery Branch, Georgia. Taylor grew up listening to Garth Brooks, and it really rubbed off on him. As a freshman in high school, Taylor started a punk band with a bunch of his friends, but it wasn't a great fit. Taylor chalks it up to a rebellious streak. He rediscovered his love for classic country. His band, Young America, started touring the southeast. After five years, Taylor moved to Nashville, but it's hard to stick out in Music City, and he's hoping The Voice helps him stick out.

Taylor's risky decision to perform his country rendition of the popular pop song by Cher is too weird and wonderful for Adam -- the only coach to turn -- to ignore. Alicia also gives Taylor props for taking the song and flipping it. Blake explains that his decision to not turn around is because as a member of Adam's team, Taylor would have a "wide-open lane."

Result: Taylor becomes a member of Team Adam

Gabby Borromeo ("Happy")

Gabby, 22, is from Seattle, Washington, but currently resides in New York City. Gabby's father recalls his daughter singing "I Will Survive" at age 3. At age 9, Gabby started taking vocal lessons. And by age 12, she was cutting demos. Gabby moved to NYC at age 15 and spent as much time as she could recording while earning her GED. She even worked with John Legend. Still, her big break has alluded her, and she's been out of the game for a while but is ready to jump back in.

Adam and Blake go head-to-head. Adam is surprised it wasn't a four-chair turn because he thinks she can win the whole thing. He calls her unbelievable and believes she belongs on his team. Blake agrees with Adam that Gabby got off to a slow start, but by the end, she gave an incredible performance. And with a team full of country singers, she'd be the only one with purple hair.

Result: Gabby chooses Team Adam

Griffin Tucker ("Heartbreak Hotel")

Griffin Tucker, 14, is from Dallas, Texas. He plays drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, mandolin and piano. At age 8, Griffin was a member of a Beatles cover band and a KISS cover band following that. Griffin thinks the coaches will be shocked when they turn around and see him after hearing him sing.

Griffin doesn't sound his age, but the coaches aren't impressed enough with his vocal chops to turn around. Gwen thinks it's incredibly brave for someone Griffin's age to step out on the stage with a guitar and belt out an Elvis tune. Blake thinks Griffin is just months away from being ready to come back and try again.

Missy Robertson ("Scars to Your Beautiful")

Missy Robertson, 34, is from Sacramento, California. Missy works as an employment specialist, helping find jobs for people with disabilities. She finds the obstacles her clients have to overcome inspirational. While she loves her job, she's been working to get into the music industry since she was 17. She's currently in a band with her sister called The Out Go.

Alicia and Blake turn at the last possible second. Missy tells Alicia that she chose her song because of the message, and she wanted the opportunity to stand, even just for 90 seconds, and let people know they're beautiful just the way they are. Blake is sure that Missy is wondering what he would have to offer her as a coach, and he wants someone on his team that he doesn't already have.

Result: Missy chooses Team Alicia

Aaliyah Rose ("Rise Up")

Aliyah Rose, 14, lives in Provo, Utah. She comes from a large blended family with five kids. Aaliyah's parents are incredibly proud, and her mom believes that Aaliyah has a gift to share with people and can touch their hearts. When she was 10, Aaliyah wanted to start sharing her music with the world, so her parents made her a YouTube channel. One of the girl's most popular covers has been Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'." Meghan even taped a good-luck message to Aaliyah.

Gwen has been dying to get her hands on a young, female, potential pop-star sensation, and she seals the deal by being the only coach to turn for Aaliyah. Gwen loves her style and the power of her voice. These two are a match made in heaven.

Result: Aaliyah joins Team Gwen

Josh West ("Ordinary World")

Josh West, 17, is from Glendale, Arizona. Josh plays in a band with his dad. It's hard to find venues around their house, so they've become regulars at a nearby biker bar. Josh has always known he wants to be a musician. His father has taught guitar for 30 years and has been in numerous bands, so Josh has grown up in a creative environment. Every day, Josh and his dad write music, and Josh's dad is excited for The Voice to give his son a platform to show what he can do. This is the first time Josh has performed without his dad.

Josh gets all four coaches to turn and a standing ovation. Adam is jealous of Josh's long locks and thinks the coolest thing about Josh's voice is that if fills the room. Alicia calls Josh's performance "awe-inspiring" and would love to sing with him. Blake makes a play, but it's a weak one. Gwen argues that she loves Josh's voice more than any of the other coaches.

Result: Josh chooses Team Adam

Will Aaliyah Rose live up to Gwen's high expectations? Who seems to have the strongest team so far? Will Blake ever stop making fun of Adam's sweater? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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