'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Miss Out on Great Talents
'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Miss Out on Great Talents
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It is night two of the blind auditions for The Voice season 2. Things kicked off with a great start last night, Superbowl night. Everyone tuned in to our favorite swivel chair maneuver experts Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. Team Christina has two out of 12 of her members while Teams Cee Lo, Adam and Blake are all tied with one. Come on, boys! Get with the program!

So what can we expect tonight? A Prince medley, that's what! You read it right, kiddos. The fab four (Sorry, Carson Daly. We only need you to stand around and read the prompter.) will join together for the first time and sing one of the many Prince classics. Let's hope nobody remembered to bring their bottomless spandex jumpsuits!

Okay, hopefully the next two hours won't feel like two hours. Entertain us!

The Celebrity Coaches - Prince Medley
I'll admit I'm a tad frightened about this. I can get down with Adam, Christina and Cee Lo jamming together on "1999," but Blake? Although, nothing can be more surprising than Cee Lo's uncanny similarity to Dorothy's ruby slippers. He, appropriately, leads the rest in singing "Little Red Corvette."

Adam's higher pitched range sounds perfect for "I Wanna Be Your Lover." I momentarily got lost in his rock-star make-the-girls-swoon ways. Back in reality, Blake wraps the medley up with a down-home version of "Kiss." And things kick-off with sparks!

And Now For the Auditions...

Up first is The Line, made up of a really cute girl (Hailey) and a really cute guy (Leland), but they're not a couple. Whatever. Singing "American Girl," they have the pep of The Partridge Family and the voices of two people I might actually admit that I listen to amongst my peers. Blake turns around first. Christina and Cee Lo follow later. Adam decides to join the bunch before the song is almost over.

Before The Line picks their coach: Christina tosses Blake under the bus about sending a duo home last season. Blake uses his wife, Miranda, as the only reason why he can relate. Adam announces, "Sometimes the less obvious choice is the best!"

Who do they pick? Team Christina gains yet another member! "I think they were won by flash and boobs," says Blake. Low blow, or should I say high to mid-body?

Jamar Rodgers is a recovering crystal meth addict who also suffers from being HIV positive. There's no way this guy can't be good; at least I'm hoping there isn't. "Seven Nation Army" kicks into gear and all four coaches begin bobbing their heads. Jamar has an interesting, soulful, yet gritty voice. I won't forget to mention his stage presence is cool and involved, easily getting the crowd hyped. Cee Lo turns around and he'll be the only one to do so.

"You're the reason I auditioned for this show," Jamar boasts to Cee Lo. Everyone agrees that "this is a match made in Heaven," as Adam states. Team Cee Lo grabs another member.

Odd moment #1: Cee Lo has a cuddle moment during his confessional with a big, fluffy, white cat. Did this all of a sudden turn into a James Bond film? Now showing ... 007: Blind Spot.

33-year old Neal Middleton not only looks like a steam-punk sheriff, his family has no life insurance. "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" roars out of his bearded lips. No one has turned around just yet, but the guy is good. But who am I? I only write about these things. The song is over and poor Neal has no contenders.

Apparently, there was too much going on and Christina wanted to hear more "range." Maybe he should skip on over to American Idol. Steven Tyler would FOR SURE love this guy! They could jump around and scream oldies together.

More contestants that didn't make the cut are T.J. Gibson, Aly Jades and Sam James who sang "I Don't Want to Be." James sounded really good, but the problem is that he sounded TOO good. Yeah, if you sound exactly like the original artist, the odds of you sounding like someone else throughout the competition are pretty low.

Gwen Sebastian is really happy with tears in her eyes that her drummer boyfriend is willing to put having kids on the line for her to tryout for a reality show. That's nice! She sings "Stay" by Sugarland. There is a nice raspy-ness in her voice and really good control, but she sounds as though she's going through puberty at the same time. Blake turns around, followed by Cee Lo. Again, at the last moment Adam turns to face the overwhelmed performer.

Pick-up lines made easy by Blake Shelton #1: "You're tender in the right places." That's all she wrote, kids!

So the boys all give their two cents for Gwen. Who do you think she will pick? Well, like me you would be right. She picks Team Blake!

Here's a rundown of how many members each team has so far:

Team Christina - 3
Team Blake - 2
Team Cee Lo - 2
Team Adam - 1

Why is everyone so hesitant to go with Adam? He had the winning act last year. I suppose the odds of him winning again are slim.

The oldest contestant in the competition, Kim Yarbrough, bears a great resemblance to Chaka Khan. Her age doesn't get her down, though. What does push her back is Carson, tricking us into thinking that she's next to sing.

Next up is actually Pamela Rose who aspires to make her mother and sister proud and be a full-time artist. Singing Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone," it sounds obvious she would work well with Christina. Oh, wait. That last note took a very flat turn. Not one celeb turned around.

The pitch was the problem. Cee Lo and Christina were both thinking about it, but the vocals just weren't up to par.

Now it's time to hear what Kim Yarbrough has to offer. What a surprise! She sings "Tell Me Something Good" by Chaka Khan. She sounds darn good, though! Christina is teasing the boys, waving her hand over her red button. Not just yet. Adam beats her to it. Christina follows suit.

Adam announces that he and Christina will argue over Kim like children. Blake helps her decide who to pick. "Adam won this thing last year. Christina didn't." Very true, but we all know Christina has skills. So who will it be?

Well, I declare! Team Adam has added another member to the list.

Angie Johnson is no stranger to pressure; she's a pilot in the military. After a fatigued clad performs while overseas, a YouTube video of the event got Angie the audition. The wonders of the internet never cease to amaze. The studio rocks out along with her to "Heartbreaker." Cee Lo turns around, flashing those pearly whites. What could possibly be keeping Adam from jumping on this one?

Cee Lo can't quite see how beautiful Angie is with his glasses. He pulls out a jumbo pair of shades from his coat pocket. "I don't know if Cee Lo is more excited because you're hot or because you can sing," laughs Adam. Team Cee Lo gains another artist.

Dez Duron seems to be the real life version of Finn from Glee; he was a football player at Yale. Taking on a boy band hit, "I Want It That Way," Dez definitely has the vote of the girls in the crowd. His voice is good, too. The guy sounds great, but not one coach turns around!

There's tons of excuses being tossed around right now. Christina calls him "adorable" and wants a re-do. Every coach seriously missed out on Dez Duron.

Lindsey Pavao has a history of "choking" during a live performance. Her quirky, interesting flighty-like vocals add a fun twist to "Say Aah." Christina is quick to face her. With an "I like it!" Cee Lo hits the button. Blake follows. Adam was the only one to remain with his back to the stage.

Pick-up lines made easy by Blake Shelton #2: "Your hair is bad-ass!" He really sells it for Lindsey. But will she pick him?

Christina wants to "play with [her]." Strange, but it could work. And she agrees! Team Christina is on fire!

Jermaine Paul, Alicia Keys' background singer, gets his time to shine tonight. After a special good luck shout out from Alicia, it seems as though the pressure sinks in. We'll check in with Jermaine a little later.

Not only does Hoja Lopez look like Katy Perry, she decides to sing one of her hits. "Teenage Dream" is given even more of a quirky feel with fluttery vocals, if that makes any sense. The way you're feeling while reading that last comment must have been what the coaches were thinking when none of them reach for their buttons.

"There was definitely a little bit of butterflies," she says. Adam apologizes for no one picking her, but it is what it is. The winner of The Voice has to exude confidence.

The time is later, so Jermaine Paul is ready to step out from Alicia Keys' shadow. This could possibly be the last song I would have ever thought to hear him sing. Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" is being slaughtered by this powerful voice. I mean this in the best way! Cee Lo turns around, confident. Blake hits that button next.

You know what? Adam must be gun shy after winning last season. He's instantly listening for the next winner. We never know the winner from the initial auditions. A winner grows. Get with it, Adam!

Jermaine wants to be "kept" on a team, not just asked to be in the team. He's having fun, commanding attention onstage as the guys fight over him. Who comes out on top? It's Team Blake!

Last but not least tonight is Angel Taylor who survived a troubled and abusive past.
She takes on Adele's "Someone Like You," but it doesn't sound the conventional way. It's as if you can literally feel the tension of the subject in her voice. Adam turns around and gives Angel a wink of approval. Blake shows his face next. Cee Lo hits the button. Christina is odd woman out.

Angel reveals her crush on Blake and he stands for the applause. The kind words are to no avail, though. Adam wins over his latest team member.

To end things off, let's round up the teams thus far:

Team Christina - 4
Team Blake - 3
Team Cee Lo - 2
Team Adam - 3

So after all that, Team Adam pulls out of last place in gaining artists. Team Cee Lo has some catching up to do, but I'm sure that can be done easily. If everyone would focus on whether the talent is there and not jump on the bandwagon when a fellow coach hits their button. If the singer sounds good, go for it! I'll hop down from my soapbox now.

Next week on The Voice, we'll continue with the blind auditions. Make sure you tune in to NBC Monday at 8pm.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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