'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 6?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 6?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Who will be the lone wolf sent packing on The Voice tonight? The prediction isn't all that easy because no one has the iTunes advantage.

That's right -- none of the 12 performances cracked the top 10 on iTunes. Check out where the songs charted after voting closed this morning, and then read on for my predictions:

#15 Tessanne Chin ("Redemption Song")
#16 Cole Vosbury ("Rich Girl")
#20 Jacquie Lee ("Cry Baby")
#23 Cole Vosbury ("Better Man")
#25 Will Champlin ("A Change is Gonna Come")
#27 Will Champlin ("Hey Brother")
#33 Tessanne Chin ("Unconditonally")
#34 James Wolpert ("I Would Do Anything for Love")
#39 Matthew Schuler ("When A Man Loves A Woman")
#45 Matthew Schuler ("Story of My Life")
#46 Jacquie Lee ("The Voice Within")
#48 James Wolpert ("Fell in Love with a Girl")

Who's Safe?

Overall, Monday night's performances did really well on downloads, despite the fact that no one made it into the top 10. All 12 songs are in the top 50 -- that's pretty impressive. 

But as safe bets, I'm going with Cole Vosbury and Tessanne Chin. These two averaged the highest on the charts (Cole was higher than Tessane, however), and neither singer has ever been in the bottom. 

Who's in the Middle?

Jacquie Lee and Will Champlin are in the middle of the pack. Jacquie's coach song did well on iTunes, but her dedication song is second to last. Will is just smack dab in the middle.

Who's in Danger?

Since only one singer is being eliminated, I'm assuming the bottom three will be a bottom two this week. If that's a case, I'm predicting Matthew Schuler and James Wolpert will be at risk of going home.

Who Will Twitter Save?

James battled health issues -- will America give him any sympathy votes? I'm sure Adam will use that in his plea if James is in the bottom. The one I want saved and the one I think America will save is not the same person.

Matthew Schuler will be saved for the second week in a row because he has more than 66,000 Twitter followers compared with James' 44,000 followers. Why do I want James saved, though? Because he excites me more, and I think he still has room to do more, whereas Matthew's best performances seem to be behind him.

Can't get enough of the Top 6? Check out the "Sing Hard" video that Carson Daly mentioned on Monday night.

The Voice results show will air tonight at 9pm on NBC.

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