'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Advance to the Top 12?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Advance to the Top 12?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's been a little more than a month since The Voice started season 5, and finally it has reached the point where America's voice matters as voting gets underway. Tonight, we'll find out which eight singers get the boot and which dozen will make up the top 12 -- three from each coach.

It's not fully up to America, however. At least not yet. The coaches still get to have somewhat of a say. America will put through two singers from each team, eliminate one from each team and a third singer will be put through by his/her coach.

With the singer's iTunes position in consideration, here's my completely unscientific opinion on who will move on. Some (well, most) are obvious choices, but I'm curious to find out whether I will be surprised.

Team Adam

Who's In: James and Tessanne. Not only were they the two best from Team Adam, but they charted the highest on iTunes -- by the cut-off point, James was #8 and Tessanne at #27. What's remarkable though is James' "A Case of You" has continued to climb since, all the way to #4. 

Who's Out: Grey. Adam called her the dark horse to win the competition, but her time to leave is now.

Adam's Pick: Preston. I'm really, really hoping it's not. I want to be wrong, but Adam loves Preston, and he already got rid of Will once, so I'm kind of expecting him to do it again. If Adam knows what's good for him in the long run, he'd go with Will, who shows way more artistry than Preston.

Team Cee Lo

Who's In: Caroline is obvious, also given the fact her song reached #14 on iTunes by the deadline. The second highest vote-getter, I have no clue. I'm just going with the person whose place on the charts was second highest -- Jonny. 

Who's Out: Amber Nicole. Doomed by a poor song choice by her coach.

Cee Lo's Pick: Kat over Tamara, even though Tamara had her best performance of the season.

Team Christina

Who's In: Jacquie and Matthew. These two had their team's best performances and also happened to land the highest (team-wise) on iTunes by the cut-off point -- Jacquie at #19 and Matthew at #22.

Who's Out: Olivia. She probably should've stuck with a country song.

Christina's Pick: Christina did get rid of Stephanie Anne once, and she's so attached to Josh. If it were me, I'd go with Stephanie, but I have a feeling Christina will go with Josh.

Team Blake

Who's In: Ray and Cole. On iTunes, Austin actually sat above the two, although not by much. Austin was #37, Ray was #38 and Cole was #39. I guess Ray and Cole "deserve" to move on, so I'm hoping that's how the votes fall.

Who's Out: Nic. I mean, did you see his performance Monday night?

Blake's Pick: This is tricky. Will Blake keep his one country gal? Or can two bearded guys survive on Blake's team? I'm predicting Blake will pick Shelbie.

What do you think? Who do you think will move on, and who will get cut? Will there be any surprises? Share your predictions below!

The Voice results show airs tonight at 8pm on NBC.

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