'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 12?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home from the Top 12?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Voice has reached the point where it's time for two singers to go home each week, regardless of who their coach is. It's always a little difficult to figure out how viewers will vote in the beginning, but I'll do my best.

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Looking at the iTunes chats is important since downloads count as votes on The Voice. No one reached the Top 10 (giving them a 10x boost in votes), but there were some clear winners.

In order, The Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery, Josiah Hawley and Sarah Simmons all managed to crack the Top 25. They were followed, also in order, by Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, Michelle Chamuel and Sasha Allen, all in the Top 70.

Given this information, here are my Top 12 predictions for The Voice season 4.

Who's Safe?

Danielle Bradbery is the odds-on favorite by all accounts and probably has a rubber stamp to the finale. Amber Carrington performed last and scored major sympathy points with her song choice. Michelle Chamuel seems to have a rabid and devoted fanbase who I suspect will keep her around for a while. Judith Hill is still hot from all the early hype. And I think Sasha Allen has also made a great name for herself, and she delivered a memorable if not traditional performance.

Who's in the Middle?

The Swon Brothers, Josiah Hawley and Sarah Simmons all needed to be saved by their coaches last week, so logic dictates that they're in trouble. However, according to the iTunes charts, they had three of the top four selling songs of the night. That's good news for this trio who need all the help they can get and it could keep them safe.

Who's in Danger?

Holly Tucker has one big strike against her: Amber Carrington. Both performed emotional Martina McBride songs, and since Amber performed second, she gets the edge and people may have forgotten about Holly. Vedo performed first and wasn't all that memorable, which can definitely hurt him.

Kris Thomas remains unimpressive and I'm still not sure who is voting for him. Finally, Garrett Gardner didn't have much success turning "Imagine" into a rock anthem, so I'm not sure if his love it or HATE IT rock version of a Backstreet Boys classic will do better.

My Predictions

So who's going home? I'll predict Garrett Gardner (whose performance I loved) due to mixed-to-negative reviews and needing to be saved last week. For my second choice, I think Vedo could be in trouble because he performed so early, was fairly forgettable, and as much as I may not like to say it, the sympathy factor for his late mother got overshadowed by Amber Carrington's similar tragic story.

What do you think of the Top 12? Will the iTunes successes have an important effect? Are Garrett and Vedo going home, or should other singers be packing their bags? Find out when The Voice results show airs Tuesday at 9pm on NBC.

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