'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home on Team Adam and Team Usher?
'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Go Home on Team Adam and Team Usher?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Voice has finally opened voting to the public in season 4 and on Wednesday night we'll get our first glimpse at who the people love and who they don't.

Adam Levine and Usher's teams performed Monday night. During the results show the top two vote-getters from each team will be safe and the coach will be forced to decide between the other two who stays and who goes.

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On the surface, the predictions for Team Adam and Team Usher seem obvious. But will everything work out just as I expect, or will there be some surprises along the way?

Who's Safe on Team Adam?

Judith Hill got to perform last and has had more buzz and praise than anyone else this season. That should be enough to keep her in the top two. As for the second spot, it's a toss-up. Amber Carrington was flawless and, in my opinion, Team Adam's best performance, but she performed so early that I barely even remembered her by the end. Sarah Simmons, on the other hand, went for an emotional song, though some of the notes her off. I'm giving the edge to Amber Carrington.

Who's Going Home on Team Adam?

This seems fairly obvious. If Caroline Glaser is in the bottom two, she will go home. Adam Levine has made his obsession with the other three ladies quite clear, and if he has to choose between Caroline and anyone else, he'll pick the other person.

Who's Safe on Team Usher?

If I had to bet my entire life's savings on one singer who is definitely safe, it's Michelle Chamuel. Her performance was stunning and beautiful, the true highlight of the evening. Plus, she already had plenty of fans based on her quirky energy. For the other safe singer, I'll go with Josiah Hawley. He had a great performance and the Hot Guy Factor certainly helps, especially when performing on a night filled with women.

Who's Going Home on Team Usher?

This leaves Usher's bottom two as Cathia and Vedo. One of them is a Latina diva, the other is a young, black man who sings R&B, likes to dance and auditioned with a Justin Bieber song. Gee, I wonder who Usher has more in common with. I assume like with Caroline Glaser, Cathia (who, not coincidentally, was also stolen and not an original member of the team) will lose if Usher has to choose between her and anyone else on his team.

What do you think? Are Caroline and Cathia definitely going home? Is it too obvious, or will there be a crazy, unexpected surprise? Find out on The Voice results show Wednesday at 8pm on NBC.

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