'The Voice' Predictions: How Will the Instant Save Affect the Top 12?
'The Voice' Predictions: How Will the Instant Save Affect the Top 12?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Even in season 5, The Voice continues to change things up to make it interesting. The show introduced the save for the Knockout Rounds, and now there's the Instant Save.

Here's how it will work: 

During tonight's results shows, the singers who are saved by America will be revealed first, leaving a bottom three. Carson Daly will give the go-ahead on the Twitter vote, and viewers will have five minutes to tweet the name of the artist they want to save, along with the hashtag #VoiceSave. 

The artist with the most mentions in those five minutes will be instantly saved. A retweet that includes both the artist's name and the hashtag will count. 

Will this latest Twitter involvement crash the site? Will people forget to use the hashtag? I'm very interested to see how this plays out. In the end, it's a smart way to get fans involved rather than, say, reading tweets on the air.

Now onto tonight's predictions. All but one artist (poor Jonny Gray) landed on the iTunes Top 200, but only one is in the all-important Top 10, which means Matthew Schuler's votes will be multiplied by 10. 

Here's how the top 12 charted by 11am:

#2 Matthew Schuler
#16 Jacquie Lee
#28 Cole Vosbury
#36 Will Champlin
#37 Ray Boudreaux
#44 Caroline Pennell
#46 Kat Robichaud
#57 Tessanne Chin
#58 James Wolpert
#106 Austin Jenckes
#118 Josh Logan

With this is mind, this is how I think the top 10 will shape up:

Who's Safe?

Monday night's winner, Matthew Schuler, is obviously safe. Jacquie Lee and Cole Vosbury's high iTunes position will also bring them into the top 10. Caroline Pennell has a huge fan base and will be safe. And although there are other singers on iTunes above them, I don't think Tessanne Chin and James Wolpert will be going anywhere, either.

Who's in the Middle?

Will Champlin and Ray Boudreaux had to be saved by their coaches, so even though they had better iTunes numbers than others, I still can't give them my vote of confidence. And I already forgot what Austin Jenckes performed. Besides, he's one of the bottom feeders on iTunes.

Who's in Danger?

I wanted to switch Kat Robichaud with Austin, but he was the one that America put through last week, not her. As for Josh Logan, well, he needed a coach save, too, and he was the lowest charting artist on iTunes. However, Jonny Gray didn't even make the Top 200, which speaks volumes.

Who Will Twitter Save?

It will be interesting to see if the coaches get in on the action and tweet their support live for one of the artists. If so, Cee Lo and Christina will of course save their own, but who will Blake and Adam support?

Out of the three, only Jonny was saved by America last week, but I'm thinking this is the end of the road for him -- and Kat, which means Josh Logan will be saved. So both of Cee Lo's artists are out. Ouch.

What do you think? Who do you think are in the bottom three, and who will Twitter save instantly?

The Voice airs tonight at 9pm on NBC.

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