'The Voice' Live Recap: Finale Filled with Performances
'The Voice' Live Recap: Finale Filled with Performances
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After 13 weeks of blind auditions, live performances, fluffy white cats and mind boggling outfits we have reached part one of the season two finale of The Voice! Audiences have witnessed shocking eliminations, last minute stake raisers and chart topping performances. What could possibly be left? More performances, of course!

Tonight's live show will contain tons upon tons of performances not only from the final four but the celebrity coaches, too! Look for duets, drama and surprises!

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Before we get things started! Don't forget the deadline for the signed Team Adam poster contest is coming soon! Make sure to head over here and post those comments. Now, on with the show!

Alright, so let's get this straight. ONLY AMERICA'S VOTES WILL DETERMINE THE WINNER!!! In case you have forgotten the finalists, here they are.

Team Adam: Tony Lucca
Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms
Team Christina: Chris Mann
Team Blake: Jermaine Paul

Each of the finalists will take the stage ... one last time! Not only will the teams face off against one another, but each artist will perform with their coach in live duets! The suspense is killing me!!

Carson: "Jermaine Paul ... what is it about this guy?"

Blake: "I believe in Jermaine ... I think Jermaine Paul is a freakin' superstar."

Carson: "Cee Lo, you have the only female left in the competition. What makes her so special?"

Cee Lo: "My heart goes out to her tonight because she's also going through health and throat issues today as well." Yeah, poor Queen Diva is sick tonight, but she looks phenomenal.

Adam can hardly talk for all the girls screaming things in the background.

Final Performance - Team Blake

Artist: Jermaine Paul
Song: "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly
This seems a perfect fit for Jermaine because I've thought of him as a new age R. Kelly just ... you know, without all the legal troubles. The stage is set like that of a musical heaven with Jermaine, the string arrangement and choir dressed in white. The audience is taken to church with these vocals. No doubt about it. Pure perfection.

Did anyone else see Cindy Crawford? Random.

Christina: "I stood up. You got me to stand on my feet ... That's what this show is about."

Cee Lo: "I think it was a perfect song choice for tonight's event." He is always so deep. Relax!

Adam: "It's hard to think of something 'cause they all said such great stuff ... You are an incredible singer."

Blake: "My heart is in my throat right now. I'm speechless ... I've listened to that song, but I don't think I've ever heard it until tonight ... I learn things from you, Jermaine."

Sprint Lounge

Christina Milian sits with Jermaine who becomes extremely emotional as soon as he sees his parents walk over. "So proud of him. Everything is just perfect," says Mom.

Each of the finalists will be performing one of their coach's songs in order to give their thanks. I wonder what Chris Mann will sing?

Thank You Performance - Team Cee Lo

Artist: Juliet Simms
Song: "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley
Juliet is brunette tonight as she gives this simple performance. She simply walks back and forth across the stage, addressing the crowd and having fun with the song. I enjoy the female vocals with a song such as this. Plus, she's enjoying herself and also showing her vulnerability, pointing to Cee Lo while singing, "I wanna be like him!"

Juliet: "Cee Lo, I want to thank you for turning your chair around for me ... Thank you for everything you've done."

Duet Performance - Team Christina

Artist: Chris Mann
Song: "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion
I figured this would be a dramatic undertaking, but WOW! They sound really, really good, though. I just hope that Christina doesn't take a fall on this turntable while wearing those way too tall heels! Chris' vocals are great, but he sounds like the backup singer that Christina has been looking for. I guess if he doesn't win the title, then he has a job waiting for him.

Final Performance - Team Adam

Artist: Tony Lucca
Song: "99 Problems" by Jay-Z
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Tony is here to win it! Take the lyrics and set them to a bluegrass tune and you have this performance. I really admire how Tony takes songs and makes them his own. The crowd is loving it, Cee Lo is dancing. Could Adam have another win on his hands?

Blake: "A what ain't one?" Wow, get with the times Blake! "What a really cool version of that song."

Christina: Holding a cup of coffee, "I thought the connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but it was good."

Cee Lo: "It went hard. I liked it!"

Adam: "It's about life gettin' at you ..."

Christina: "The song says, 'If you're having girl problems ...'"

Adam: "It's called a metaphor ... I just wanna say, I love you, Christina." He stands up, rips off his shirt and underneath lies a TEAM XTINA t-shirt.

That ends that!

Sprint Lounge

Milian is with Tony Lucca and his family. "Absolutely loved the t-shirt," he tells. He, Juliet and Jermaine are given a shiny new smart phone!

Thank You Performance - Team Christina

Artist: Chris Mann
Song: "The Voice Within"
First of all, Christina is immediately teary eyed. How can you not be? This song is beautiful! Chris even tackles some of Christina's coveted vocal tricks! I'm quit impressed. There isn't much else to say. She hurriedly runs over to hug her finalist.

Christina: "This is a real man! A real man ... who respects women!"

Chris: "I want to thank you for giving me a chance."

Christina: "You're a class act. You deserve it."

Duet Performance - Team Cee Lo

Artist: Juliet Simms
Song: "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf
This is an all out production equipped with leather, spikes and motorcycles. Cee Lo looks like Rock and Roll took over the Build-A-Bear workshop! It's awesome! It is all quite the spectacle, but I think all of the other elements drown out the vocals, meaning you can hardly hear.

Duet Performance - Team Adam

Artist: Tony Lucca
Song: "Yesterday" by The Beatles
The bromance grows even stronger as Tony and Adam learn of their immense love for The Beatles. Also, not only are these two some good looking guys, they sound amazing together! I would say that this is the only duet, so far, where the contestant looks like a well established artist next to their coach. Really great performance.

Sprint Lounge

Milian gets tongue-tied with her hand on Chris Mann's knee as his parents sit on his other side. "This whole night is very overwhelming," he says. Dad comments that his "performance was flawless."

Thank You Performance - Team Blake

Artist: Jermaine Paul
Song: "God Gave Me You"
It might be understood that soul and country marry quite well, but Jermaine just takes it that much farther. His vocals are perfect for this tune. It's simple, yet he gives us so much in his simplicity.

Carson: "Waaaay better than the original!"

Jermaine: "It means so much to stand here and sing for you ... I feel like God gave me you. He gave me you, bro."

Final Performance - Team Christina

Chris Mann
Song: "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban
There's something very refreshing and admirable about this performance. I have to give it to Christina for this one. Not only do we have Chris center stage and the strings behind him on steps, but there is a sign language interpreter performing off to the side. It's a beautiful picture and sounds just the same, especially when the choir enters. Christina is going to wipe the makeup from her face for all her falling tears.

Cee Lo: "You are so completely cool to me, just the way that you are ... If I ever fall in love again, please sing at my wedding."

Christina: "Thank you for raising me up ... You stuck to you guns ... I'm very proud of you."

Duet Performance - Team Blake

Artist: Jermaine Paul
Song: "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave
This is too fun not to love. The chemistry and friendship is so obvious onstage with these two. Apart they sound fantastic, but together is like 10 times better! It's a perfect way for Jermaine to truly introduced Blake into his world of soul. I feel like I'm watching a Blake and Jermaine live special!

Thank You Performance - Team Adam

Artist: Tony Lucca
Song: "Harder To Breathe" by Maroon 5
Tony attacks songs as if they were his own. It's hard to remember that these just are not his lyrics because he commits so wholeheartedly. He's having fun with it, too. In the middle of the second verse, Tony must have looked up at Adam and laughed. Didn't hurt the performance at all.

Tony: "You got a lotta words in that one man! ... I wanna say thank you to all four of you."

Final Performance - Team Cee Lo

Artist: Juliet Simms
Song: "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Juliet is back in her element. It's nothing less than a old school rock and roll performance as the guitar kids in and the wind machines blow. The coaches give a standing ovation. She is one of a kind and gives a show-stopping performance to close out the show. If you wanna leave a lasting impression to get votes, well, that is a darn good one to leave. For being sick tonight, she sure gives her best.

Adam: "I have like no grit in my voice, you have all of it. No one sings like you."

Christina: "I love that song. I loved you on it."

Cee Lo: "With Juliet Simms on my team I have ..." he stands up to show his t-shirt that reads, "NO PROBLEMS."

Can you believe it? That's it! It is now up to you, America. Get out there and vote, vote, vote! Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the live results of The Voice season two when the winner will be crowned. Also, tune in for performances by Justin Bieber, FloRida, Lady Antebellum and Hall & Oates.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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