'The Voice' Recap: Which Singers from Team Adam and Team Gwen are Safe?
'The Voice' Recap: Which Singers from Team Adam and Team Gwen are Safe?
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lucille barilla
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It's the second night of the Live Playoffs on The Voice, where Team Adam and Team Gwen face off against one another as they and America pick the strongest singers to move forward into the Top 12. Through innovative real-time voting on The Voice app and Twitter, fans are able to advance two artists per team into the Top 12, and the results will be revealed at the end of the episode.

During this exciting and music-filled night, the two coaches will then choose a final artist from their teams to save, sending the other artists home.

The battle for the top spot on The Voice season 12 has been one of the most dramatic in the show's history. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys continue to work with their contestants to score a big win as the show reveals who will be eliminated after an evening of unforgettable performances. The stakes are high on this night as the top artists face elimination, with the rest heading toward Top 12 spots.

Let's see what happens for the contestants of Team Adam and Team Gwen as they face off!

Team Gwen

Johnny Gates ("Hands to Myself")

Gwen brings back Johnny Gates as a singer because she feels a kinship with him. She thinks there is something relatable about him. He wants to make sure he is showing himself as an artist, and Gwen tells him to "do you" as her biggest advice.

Johnny's rock edge to the Selena Gomez pop tune sets him apart from the other artists on the show. The audience seems to dig his music and his attitude, as do the coaches. Gwen is pleased with her choice to bring Johnny back into the fold, and he doesn't disappoint with his performance. Alicia loves Johnny's spirit and calls him the "male Gwen." Gwen thinks he is creative and imaginative with his songs.

Troy Ramey ("A Case of You")

Troy is so happy to perform this song by Joni Mitchell as he says that the singer and songwriter greatly influenced him while growing up. She was one of his dad's favorite singers, and Gwen thinks that Troy can bring a sense of longing and confidence to the song. Adam calls him one of the most imaginative and one of the best singers in the competition.

He not only brings it to the stage but also creates an emotion unlike any other performer has this season. Not only does his singing and guitar playing create a vision for fans, but his raw emotion is also evident throughout the touching tune. Gwen calls Troy's performance "tasteful."

Quizz Swanigan ("My Girl")

Quizz loves how this song can bring him back to the origins of pop. The eighth grader wants to prove himself as a singer and a performer and has coach Gwen's full support to express himself in a way that he's comfortable with. He brings the new groove of Bruno Mars to the stage and shows that he is an old soul in a young body.

Taking on the classic pop song "My Girl" and working the stage like a seasoned performer, Quizz has the audience eating out of the palm of his hands. Alicia is clearly enamored by Quizz and his high energy performance. Both Alicia and Gwen give him a standing ovation. Alicia says she appreciates his performance and the liberties he has taken to create his style.

Brennley Brown ("Fly")

Gwen wants Brennley to go big during her song, calling her a quintessential 1970s country girl. Brennley wants to please her coach and looks to her for advice not only as a singer but also fashion-wise as well. She admits that going back to school after being on the show was odd, as everyone began to treat her a bit different.

Brennley nails her performance and expresses a creative side way beyond her years. She plays the guitar and sings her way through the song, bringing the coaches to tears. Brennley calls the experience of playing live surreal. Blake says that letting Brennley go is one of the biggest regrets he has ever made in 12 seasons of the show. He also calls the combination of Brennley and Gwen "deadly."

JChosen ("Nothing Compares 2U")

JChosen tells Gwen that he wants to know why she picked the Prince song "Nothing Compares 2U." She feels this song will tap into the emotion he is feeling since his mom was discharged from the hospital after a stroke. Although he is intimidated at the prospect of covering a legendary Prince song, Gwen's encouragement pushes him through to tackle it.

JChosen is clearly emotional as he sings the song, dedicating it to not only his mom but also to the kids he teaches. He works the stage like a seasoned pro and delivers an emotional performance of the iconic tune. Gwen calls the song "super challenging" but says that JChosen is so magical and gifted that he is able to convey the message that the song states.

Hunter Plake ("Elastic Heart")

Hunter is the first person from the season to be on the iTunes Top 30 chart twice with two performances. Hunter is afraid to open up on stage because he only performed in church before joining the show. He believes that if he doesn't try and stretch himself as a performer, he wont be able to move forward in the competition.

With this performance, Hunter really allows the audience a glimpse into who he is as an artist. His voice is unique, and the combination of his coolness and the ideal song for him is compelling to watch, and the audience seems to love him. He could very well have another iTunes hit on his hands with his rendition of the Sia tune. Adam calls him "supremely talented" and predicts big things for him in the future. 

Team Adam

Johnny Hayes ("Ain't Too Proud to Beg")

Johnny is thrilled that he is able to attempt to be successful once again on the show as Adam's comeback artist. He is so happy to bring this special type of performance, which made Adam turn his chair around in the first place, to the Live Playoffs.

Johnny delivers a special attitude with the retro song and has the audience on its feet as he gets the crowd going. All the coaches are really into Johnny's performance, as is Adam, who seems stoked that he scored Johnny and brought him back in the first place. Adam loves his performance and says that he has been through the most ups and downs of any performer on the show.

Hanna Eyre ("Skyscraper")

Hannah says that she jumped right back into school after performing on the show. She says all her friends want to know what it's like to work with Adam. He calls her vocals on the Demi Lovato tune "insane." Hannah feels she is better as an artist and a person since being on the show.

Hannah is a bit shaky in the beginning of the challenging tune but finds her footing quickly as the song grows stronger. She works the crowd like a seasoned performer, and her vocal control is crazy good, bringing smiles from Adam as she sings. As she hits the higher notes, it is clear that Hannah is one to watch in the competition, even though she is only 15. Adam seems pleased with himself after hearing her sing.

Josh West ("More Than a Feeling")

Josh admits to being insecure after being on the show, but Adam encourages him to push forward and be successful, making every note important of the classic Boston song "More Than a Feeling."

Josh tackles the iconic rock tune like a pro, taking Adam to task over giving him such a challenging tune. He hits all the right notes in the vocally stressful song, creating an environment for success. Adam seems quite pleased that he made this choice for Josh, feeling that he is up to the task for taking this on. Adam also says Josh is "good for the show" and that he "kicks ass."

Mark Isaiah ("All Time Low")

Mark says life is pretty crazy for him since he came on the show, with girls reaching out to him on Twitter to go to prom. He has even been featured in the pages of Teen Vogue. Adam thinks highly of Mark and his talent and can't wait to hear the reaction of the fans in the audience, particularly of the girls.

Mark looks to be having the time of his life on stage, working the crowd and driving the young girls in the audience crazy. He tackles the high-pitch notes and the lower range ones with ease and is thrilled to see the reaction from coach Adam after his performance. Gwen calls herself a "big fan" of Mark's voice, calling it "very modern."

Lilli Passero ("It's Too Late")

Lilli still works at the restaurant that she was making her living at prior to the live shows. Although Adam once said to Alicia that Lilli could win it all, he still wants her to try and be her best self as a singer. He feels confident that she will be able to score a spot in the Top 12 with this performance.

Her rendition of the Carole King tune is haunting and emotional. Lilli brings a depth of knowledge of how to make a song unique and traditional at the same time. Her cool demeanor is balanced by her supreme talent as a singer. She looks as if she could be a torch singer at the hippest and coolest club in Los Angeles.

Jesse Larson ("Sir Duke")

Adam calls Jesse a person who just can't be pinned down, that he's not stuck to one particular genre. He feels that Jesse has the vocals for this song, and it accurately presents who he is as a performer. Jesse is still finding himself as a frontman but is growing more comfortable in the role.

Jesse's performance is smooth, and his delivery is on point with the classic Stevie Wonder song. It's amazing how he can deliver the goods without the song sounding like the cover that it is. He makes it his own, which is difficult to do with such a well-known tune. Adam seems thrilled with Jesse's performance, jumping on his seat with enthusiasm.

Team Gwen takes the stage and learns their fate. Who will be advancing to the Top 12?

Team Gwen Results

Advancing on Team Gwen, based on America's votes, are Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake. Gwen picks Troy Ramey to move into the Top 12. 

Team Adam Results

Advancing on Team Adam, based on America's votes, are Jesse Larson and Lilli Passero. Adam picks Marc Isaiah to move on.

Which singers are your favorites? Who do you think should have gone home? Who are you rooting for going into the Top 12? Which coach do you think has the best shot at winning the season as of now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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