'The Voice' Recap: The Final 4 Perform
'The Voice' Recap: The Final 4 Perform
Jordan Dunnigan
Jordan Dunnigan
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It's time for the most crucial performances of The Voice season 11. The Final 4 -- Billy Gilman, We McDonald, Sundance Head and Josh Gallagher -- will each perform two songs, in addition to one with each of their respective coaches, to prove to America why they deserve to be crowned the winner.

Will Billy, We and Sundance continue to dominate the competition or will Josh surprise us all and deliver the most memorable performances of the night? We'll just have to wait and see. We do know that with singers as talented as these four, this is sure to be an epic battle until the very last note is sung. Be sure to follow this live blog throughout the entire episode so you don't miss a single thing.

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Billy Gilman ("My Way")

For quite a few weeks, Billy has been the frontrunner to win the whole thing. He has delivered some of the most epic performances of the season, including his covers of both Queen's "The Show Must Go On" and Celine Dion's "I Surrender." However, those performances will mean nothing if he doesn't bring it in the Final 4.

Billy begins this performance a capella on a pitch black stage. His voice appears to be a bit shaky at times due to getting emotional. Luckily, he quickly recovers when the stage turns bright white and delivers yet another showstopping performance. After belting out some massive notes, he tears up one final time, proving just how much this experience has meant to him. His coach, Adam Levine, is certain that this performance may have just won him The Voice.

Josh Gallagher ("Pick Any Small Town")

One major difference between the Final 4 performances and all of the other rounds of the competition is that the remaining contestants will each perform an original song. The first one up is Josh, who many believe shouldn't have made it to the finale over Miley Cyrus' Ali Caldwell. He hopes to prove all the naysayers wrong in his incredibly personal single, "Pick Any Small Town."

Josh's original song is one that would make anyone nostalgic for their hometown, and it definitely sounds like it could be a feel-good country hit. His vocals sound nice, but the issue with this performance and, frankly, all of his others is that they don't really stand out enough. Josh is, of course, talented, but he doesn't seem to have the star power to compete against Billy, We and Sundance.

We McDonald and Alicia Keys ("Ave Maria")

The first singer-and-coach duet of the night is We and "big sister" Alicia Keys. Their rendition of "Ave Maria" features each of them sitting at different pianos on a candlelit stage with a choir and an orchestra behind them. All of these details truly make for a beautiful setting.

We completely steals the show in this performance. Not only does her unique, deep voice sound stronger than ever, but her operatic voice has its time to shine as well. Alicia and We sing in near-perfect harmony, and their tight bond is crystal clear.

Sundance Head ("Darlin' Don't Go")

Sundance's original song is an ode to the love of his life. After getting into an intense fight, he wrote "Darlin' Don't Go" for his wife, Missy, to make things right. Not only does he hope this song further proves his love for Missy, but he also wants America to see what kind of music he will sing as an artist. Will the public enjoy it?

If this song is truly an indication of the type of singer Sundance will be, he should have no trouble finding success. We all know he can sing, but his vocals are just out of this world in this song. His powerful emotions are also sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been in love and come close to losing their significant other. Sundance proves to us all why he has had so much success in the competition.

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Billy Gilman and Adam Levine ("Bye Bye Love")

Throughout this season, viewers have become accustomed to hearing Billy perform massive ballads. However, in the Final 4, he decides to switch it up in the best way possible.

Billy and coach Adam perform the fun, lighthearted "Bye Bye Love." This performance helps prove just how great of a pop artist Billy will be. Not only can his vocals make you shed a tear, but they can also make you get up on your feet as well.

We McDonald ("Wishes")

When viewers first met We, she was just a shy young girl with a meek voice. It would be hard to recognize that girl now because We has gone through a complete transformation this season.

In "Wishes," We further proves how far she has come. Not only has she let go of her insecurities and fears of what others think of her, but she has also become a strong performer. This is an incredibly uplifting song, which is sure to give a voice to the voiceless. When she becomes a professional artist, We will certainly be one that inspires a large amount of fans.

Josh Gallagher and Adam Levine ("Smooth")

For the second time in this episode, Adam sings a duet with his artist that completely removes them from their comfort zone. It may have worked well for Billy, but it doesn't for Josh.

"Smooth" doesn't showcase the true strengths of Josh's voice. Of course, he sounds great, but he doesn't take enough risks in a song that should have proven how versatile of an artist he truly is. At this point, things aren't looking so good for Josh.

Sundance Head and Blake Shelton ("Treat Her Right")

In the final duet, Sundance and coach Blake Shelton throw it all the way back to the '60s by covering a hit by Sundance's father, Roy Head. This will be a very unique performance for Sundance, not only due to just how upbeat the song is but mainly since it is a departure from his country roots.

Like Billy's duet with Adam, this performance proves that Sundance can be more than the kind of artist we have seen him be this season. Not only can he slay a country ballad, but he can also deliver a fun pop/rock track. After seeing the high energy in this performance, it should be an easy feat for Sundance to sell out a venue when he hits the road for a tour.

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Josh Gallagher ("Jack and Diane")

It has been a mission of Adam's to finally win a season of The Voice with a country artist by his side. Josh may have started off the season on Team Blake, but he is now a proud member of Team Adam. Will Josh help Adam accomplish his goal once and for all?

After two below-average performances, Josh steps it up with the iconic "Jack and Diane." He puts his own spin on it, which makes it sound as though it could have been his own song. This is a solid performance that gets everyone moving, but will it be enough to give him a chance to win?

Sundance Head ("At Last")

Throughout the entire season, Sundance has put his heart and soul into each and every one of his performances. If his high-placing tracks on iTunes are any indication, his strong connections to his song choices have clearly resonated with the viewers. Due to all of this, coach Blake could not be more proud of his singer. "This show is made for artists like Sundance. He's one of the most heartfelt performers that I've ever seen on this show," Blake explains.

In his last performance of the Final 4, Sundance somehow brings country and R&B music together and then merges them with an orchestra as well. This may seem like an impossible feat, but Sundance pulls it off like it is nothing. In case there are still any viewers out there who don't believe so, "At Last" shows that Sundance is an incredible artist who can pull off any kind of music. The coaches, specifically Miley whose jaw is on the floor, are just in awe of how unique and stunning this performance truly is.

Billy Gilman ("Because of Me")

As he has repeatedly said quite a few times this season, Billy was a huge country star at a very young age. But after going through a voice change, he lost it all and thought his music dreams were over. Now he hopes to become a pop star so he takes on a song that was originally recorded for Maroon 5. He believes this will be his sound as a singer, so the pressure is on him to make sure America thinks so too.

No offense to Adam, but this song definitely suits Billy's voice much more than his. "Because of Me" shows off all the beauty of Billy's voice, and singing this song appears to be effortless for him. After he brings the house down for one final time this season, Adam says this is a "definitive" moment for Billy because this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a long, successful career.

We McDonald ("Don't Rain on My Parade")

We is ready to take on one of the biggest voices of all time, Barbra Streisand. This is one voice that many singers should stay away from, but Alicia is confident that We will make this song her own and deliver her best performance of the season.

Clearly, Alicia is 100% right. We completely slays this song, thanks to the strength in both her voice and her stage presence. Despite being so young, she looks like a diva on that stage who has been doing this her whole life. This performance proves that whether or not We wins this season, she is here to stay.

What did you think of the Final 4 performances? Which of them was the best? Who could have done better? Whose original song was your favorite? Who will you be voting for: Billy, Josh, Sundance or We? Be sure to let us know all of your thoughts in the comments section and in the poll below.

The Voice season 11 finale airs Tuesday, December 13 at 9/8c on NBC. For even more news, like our Voice Facebook page.

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