'The Voice' Results: Who Goes Home from the Top 10?
'The Voice' Results: Who Goes Home from the Top 10?
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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This is The Voice! After quite the controversial exit of Janice Freeman, the Top 10 carry on with the competition. Once again, they have graced the stage, singing their way to the number one spot in a talent show version of The Hunger Games. (Sometimes, it does seem that brutal.)

As we all know by now, the results everyone waits for are simply prolonged and preceded by fluff. Let us prepare for an hour of fluff as we await the names of the two artists leaving the competition, revealing the Top 8. Now, on with the show, Carson Daly!

Carson introduces coaches Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton before bringing up the first guest performer.

Portugal the Man ("Feel It Still")

I love this song, don't get me wrong, but did anyone else initially believe this was a woman singing? The quirky vibe is ridiculously catchy, though. That fluff always draws me in. Give us some results, already!

Now we have to watch as the artists ask their coaches about moments that changed their lives. Blake recalls when his first album reached gold status. Jennifer talks about when she first left home. Adam remembers when Maroon 5's first hit single, "Harder to Breathe," hit the radio. Miley laughs with her girls about writing a song with her mother in mind, "Eagle Mother in the Dead of the Night." Great, guys. Now give us some results.

The First Results

Finally, Carson welcomes the Top 10 to the stage. Anyone have any ideas who might be leaving the show? I'll answer that for you. The first two names safe tonight are, of course, Brooke Simpson of Team Miley and Addison Agen of Team Adam. Figured as much. They both deserve it. 

We're on a roll! Carson brings the remaining eight artists back to the stage for some more results. Two more names are called to safety. Sticking around are Team Blake's Keisha Renee and Team Jennifer's Noah Mac. Cute side note: Noah and Davon Fleming have matching hairdos, swept over to one side. I guess teammate Shi'Ann Jones missed the memo.

Reba McEntire pops up randomly to announce that the winner of The Voice season 13 will join the cast of The Voice: Neon Dreams in Las Vegas. Singers from various genres, Alisan Porter, Chris Mann, Mary Sarah, Matt McAndrew and Matthew Schuler all stand with Carson now as he then throws to a short package. We check in with last season's winner, Chris Blue, of Team Alicia Keys as he signs with Alicia's record label and prepares for headlining shows. It's great to see what past artists are up to now.

More results! The contestants return to the stage as Carson announces more names that America has saved from elimination. Team Blake's Chloe Kohanski and Team Adam's Adam Cunningham are through to the Top 8! Adam, for once, doesn't have to sing for his life! 

Danielle Bradbery ("Worth It")

The Team Blake season 4 winner has returned to the stage to show off her new single. I will admit, I failed to watch her season, so I'm new to her performances. The "it" factor shows. I get it. Very relatable lyrics, great voice delivering them and a stage presence that shows she knows what she's doing and is comfortable doing so. No wonder Blake holds so many Voice titles; he obviously knows what he's doing too.

Right back to the results. The final four artists of the Top 10 come back to the stage. One name is safe. The others will perform for the Instant Save. Red Marlow of Team Blake is in the Top 8! Coming up next, three Instant Save performances.

Instant Saves

Ashland Craft ("I Wanna Cry") -- Team Miley

Before the break, Ashland mentioned how she wants the chance to show off her "softer side" and sing ballads. Well, unfortunately she gets that chance now. Personally, I think she'll be going home. Her voice just is not as strong as others left in the competition, but anything can happen as we've seen previously. You cannot mistake sounding flat, though.

Shi'Ann Jones ("At Last") -- Team Jennifer

A beautiful and classic love song. Let us all hold our breath collectively in hopes that Shi'Ann does it justice. She's a young girl with talent, yes, but she may need to grow some more and truly learn to work with that talent. The performance isn't horrible, but I don't believe it's one that will hold her in the competition.

Davon Fleming ("Ain't No Way") -- Team Jennifer

I'm surprised to see Davon in the bottom, honestly. I thought his performance of "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera was beautiful. This performance follows in that same caliber. Without a doubt, Davon is the most commanding artist of these Instant Save performances -- and those pants! He wins on style alone.

All right, the votes are wrapping up and the bottom three are saying their thank yous and getting teary-eyed. The coaches continue to stay positive and find all the good in each contestant. Enough with the niceties. There is one spot left and that spot goes to ... Team Jennifer's Davon Fleming.

Going Home are ... Shi'Ann Jones and Ashland Craft.

That's it, folks! The Top 8 has been announced.

What do you think of those moving through to the next round? Who would you switch out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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