'The Voice' Interviews: Shelbie on Outlaw Country, Ashley On Her Battle Win and More
'The Voice' Interviews: Shelbie on Outlaw Country, Ashley On Her Battle Win and More
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The first week of the battle rounds is behind us. We saw 24 singers take the stage and 12 emerged as victors, and four were saved via the steal. Most of the advancing artists participated in a conference call Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss a host of topics.

Shelbie Z is No Mainstream Country

Although you might notice similarities on the surface, Shelbie Z is no Danielle Bradbery, last year's victor from Team Blake. Danielle's country style is mainstream pop, along the lines of Taylor Swift -- and Shelbie Z is the complete opposite, and thus has something different to offer, she said. 

Her style is outlaw old-school country, and it's those roots that Shelbie believes country music needs to go back to.

"There's really not been a country singer like me on The Voice before as far as style goes," Shelbie said. "I think that's really what's going to give me some flavor this year."

She went on to say that country music needs to tell a story rather than worrying about chart-topping hits.

Anthony Paul Fits in With Team Christina

The Voice only showed a snippet of Anthony Paul's blind audition, and he went up against an early favorite. But he held his own during his battle against Caroline Parnell as they took on Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me," but her unique tone could not be dismissed and Anthony lost.

However, Christina gave him a new lease on life after she saved him with her steal. And it sounds like he might be a natural fit on her team.

"Going to Christina's team, I'm really looking forward to being able to use more of my runs because that's Christina's thing -- the runs and riffs -- whereas, when I was with Cee Lo he really wanted me to draw it back a little, which I'm really happy he did because now I can pull it back when I need to," he said.

During rehearsals, Anthony tried to get too cute and fancy, and Cee Lo basically put a stop to it. With Christina, at least he can learn to use those riffs and runs to his full potential.

Briana Cuoco Welcomed to Team Blake

Briana Cuoco lost her Team Christina battle, but she quickly had two coaches ready to fight for her. Cee Lo and Blake both pushed their button to steal her, and she ultimately chose the three-time champion to be her coach.

Unfortunately Briana didn't make it onto the conference call, but her new teammate Shelbie gave her perspective on Blake's coaching methods, and how it would be a good fit for Briana.

"Blake is country, but he has the aspect of working with different artists not in his genre," Shelbie said. "I really think she did make a great decision because he can really help her vocally in things she needs to work on.

"He helps you comprehend what he's saying really easily, and he's just a wonderful mentor in that way."

Her battle partner Jacquie added that she believes Blake can put Briana out of the box and help/push her that way.

EG Daily Says Battle Pair Was "Fate"

EG Daily and Sam Cerniglia's battle is one of the ones we hardly saw, so EG shared her thoughts on how it went. She said the two are very different -- she's a country pop singer and he's a Michael Buble type -- but they were paired because after Blake paired everyone else, they were the only two left.

She admitted their song "Something to Talk About," was geared more toward her, but that Sam succeeded in challenging himself, and she had to fight with him to win.

As far as the judges' comments after the performance, EG said they noted a disconnect between the two because they were different styles matched together.

"We called ourselves the fate pick -- we were put together by fate, so that was interesting," she said. 

Ashley DuBose Relieved With Win

Ashley DuBose was paired with Justin Blake, and similarly, these two from Team Adam were the final two singers left after the others were paired up. And it was another battle we only saw for a moment.

Ashley said the stakes were high not only because she was a four-chair audition compared to Justin's one but because they were singing Christina and Blake's song. She admitted while they both ultimately performed well, they had a lot to work on to get there.

Ashley said she was struggling hitting Christina's powerhouse notes during rehearsals, while Justin was challenged to work on the harmony, which he didn't have much experience previously.

"Our stage performance really came out that we were really comfortable with each other, we were comfortable with the song -- we did our homework," Ashley said.

She added that Justin was receiving positive feedback from the judges, so in the moment, a part of her was actually worried she wouldn't win, even though she was confident she delivered a great performance.

"I was getting my thank you speech ready because I wasn't expecting to win," she said. "In that moment it wasn't about who delivered or didn't deliver, I think [Adam] was planning on the future rounds to come.

"I really wish America could've seen our performance and what went down."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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