'The Voice' Interviews: A Singer's Redemption and Why Cary Didn't Choose Blake
'The Voice' Interviews: A Singer's Redemption and Why Cary Didn't Choose Blake
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Some of the best stories on The Voice come from contestants who come back a second time after a disappointing first blind audition. After two nights of auditions, we've seen two singers who successfully landed on a team a second time around.

Tuesday night, we saw Delvin Choice go from no chairs in season 5 to a four-chair turnaround. Check out what he and the other advancing artists had to say during a conference call with the media.

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Second Chance to Shine

In season 5, Delvin found out the hard way just how important song choice is. By auditioning with "Closer" by NeYo, he wasn't able to captivate the coaches enough for a push of a button because a dance song doesn't exactly lend itself to showing off vocal talent.

So he picked a better song -- after Adam told him to at the time -- and it paid off as a song for redemption, Delvin said.

"It didn't hit me until yesterday about how big and wonderful that was," he said. "The feeling that I had was an overwhelming feeling of happiness as if I had accomplished something."

On social media, Delvin's supporters use the hashtag #TeamLobster, which is actually in reference to his hairstyle and coined by a friend. It's a hairstyle created from a stylist in his hometown of Greenville, S.C., that he uses when performing.

"Being on a show like this, it's all about marketing and branding yourself," he said. "It [the hairstyle] represents the artist side of me."

Noah Lis wants to offer something different than what people are usually accustomed to on The Voice, like he did with "Me and Mrs. Jones." It has to do with Blake's comments that to be a jazz crooner, you shouldn't give a crap.

"One thing everyone tends to do on the show is sing these powerhouse songs that hit the low notes and hit the stratospheres and it takes away from the meaning of the song, which is what jazz promotes," Noah said.

"That's what I really want to represent and if I'm the only person to do that, I hope that I can do it with style."

He did agree with Blake's comments too that he needs to "dirty" it up. Noah said his song choice felt safe and vanilla, but he can do more because when he writes his own music, he writes pop.

Doing the Unexpected

When country singer Cary Laine got all four chairs to turnaround, everyone probably expected her to go with Blake. Heck, even Cary says she thought she would go with Blake. So why did she end up on Team Adam?

"There was a lot more that wasn't seen," Cary said, of what was shown and edited out for television. "When it came down to it, first of all, Adam got out of his chair and Blake didn't, but Adam really talked about what he wanted to do with me, and Blake talked about what he's done with other people.

"In the moment, it just felt better, and it felt right to go with the person who really wanted to talk about me and my career and what I wanted to do. Don't get me wrong, I still love Blake. His CD's in my truck right now."

Seems like it doesn't matter how many times in a row Blake has won on The Voice because it's not about the coaches, but rather the contestants whose futures are on the line.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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