'The Voice' Interviews: YouTube Chick Doesn't Want to Be 'The YouTube Chick'
'The Voice' Interviews: YouTube Chick Doesn't Want to Be 'The YouTube Chick'
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The Voice premiered Monday night with eight artists (with one a duo) advancing on. The artists recently participated in a conference call with press. Check out what they had to say.

More Than YouTube

You might not have known who Christina Grimmie was before she kicked off season 6 with her four-chair performance of "Wrecking Ball." But plenty of people knew what she was capable of thanks to her covers on YouTube.

But Christina said she wants to shed the label of the "YouTube chick," but she better be a little careful before casting off the platform where she got her start. After all, she's almost at 2.5 million followers, and it's likely those are the ones who are tuning in and/or buying her singles, which already hit the iTunes chart.

Friendly Competition

Because they are both young, female singers who can belt it out -- and are therefore the early frontrunners -- Christina will hear comparisons to Bria Kelly, who got a standing ovation from all four coaches with "Steamroller Blues" to close out the show. 

But the two of them downplayed any sort of rivalry, saying the show gives the singers so much time to spend together that it's no surprise people form close friendships. Suddenly, new faces who are competitors are now friends who you root for.

Bria ended up on Team Usher after going in with the idea that she wanted to be on Adam's team.

"Even when I was performing the song I was thinking, 'I'm definitely going with Adam,' and I was so happy when he turned around," she said.

"Once everyone started talking, Shakira, Adam and Blake were bickering with each other and Usher was completely stone-faced, concentrated on me on stage. And then the Grammy kind of sold it after that."

It's interesting that she notes the "fighting" between the coaches as they make their case. While it's amusing for us as viewers, it might be for the contestants because after all, it's their future that's at stake.

Two's Better than One?

Dawn & Hawkes is the first duo of the season 6 we saw -- and moved on. They're reminiscent of X Factor winners Alex and Sierra. Both couples, both singer-songwriters, similar styles. 

Dawn & Hawkes said what they showed in performing "I've Just Seen A Face." Chris said the story of the song matches theirs, and genre-wise it's what they want in their own music.

"We like classic music, a lot of old country and blues and stuff that have heavy roots in Texas," Chris said. "Indie-folk Americana -- makes you feel something from the rhythm and the lyrics."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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