'The Voice' Finale: Reaction From The Winner & Their Coach!
'The Voice' Finale: Reaction From The Winner & Their Coach!
America has now named its second "The Voice." Less than a year after Javier Colon won the first season of The Voice, the show picked its next winner on Tuesday night. Who was it? And what did their coach have to say about their victory?

Jermaine Paul has some celebrating to do. The Team Blake finalist came out on top at the end of the competition, narrowly edging out Team Cee Lo's Juliet Simms. Team Adam's Tony Lucca finished third, with Team Christina's Chris Mann in fourth place.

"I just look forward to doing a job," Jermaine said minutes after he was announced as the winner of season two, "making sure that everybody that voted for me gets what they voted for, and that's good music."

This time last season, winner Javier Colon spoke about the victory hopefully affording him the chance to be the artist he wanted to be. I asked Jermaine if he had similar thoughts about his career going forward.

"There's a couple of people I'd love to work with. Definitely Alicia [Keys], definitely Blake [Shelton], definitely Beyonce if possible. I have my wish list," he explained.

"But then there's a certain style I want to stick to, and that's my style. It's something you can play in your car when you drive and that your kids can listen to. I like to consider myself an inspiration," he told me. "I want to make sure that I give the right message and speak the right words. My kids will forever be able to sing any song I sing. I want to make sure they get the right message."

Not only can Jermaine now buy his family the house he wanted to, but he also won a brand-new Kia for making the final four, and he's got a record deal with Universal Republic. That's a pretty great haul for the now-former backup singer.

Jermaine's coach, Blake Shelton, now has his chance to celebrate after his season one finalist Dia Frampton lost to Javier by a mere two percent. I also caught up with Blake after the show, to find out what he took away from working with Jermaine.

"I learn from Jermaine when he gets on stage," he said. "If there's one person in this competition that it's never been about 'How do I look? What's the production?'...the guy just gets up there as a human being and becomes an artist, and that's just so rare."

He added that the two have "a mutual respect for each other. He had an option and he chose me, and I can't thank him enough for that. And he listened to stuff that I had to say. But we went there together. Everything we did, we met in the middle on.

"More than anything, the guy can sing the phone book, and I would buy it. I've never been more honored with someone covering one of my songs than [with] Jermaine Paul."

But Jermaine and Blake weren't the only ones talking on Tuesday night. I made sure to check in with each of the four finalists to see what their parting words were.

Juliet was planning to start work on her next album on Wednesday. "Cee Lo was up there tonight telling me he has a track he's sending me. [He] wants me to sing it," she said. "He's everything rock and roll, he's everything soul, he gets me inside and out. We were just a perfect pair for each other."

The biggest thing her coach left her with? "The sense of individualism I have now. I feel like I can stand strong on my own now and I'm making a name for myself."

You can follow Juliet on Twitter at @JulietSimmsALL.

As for Tony, "I take away what I had planned all along: an invaluable education for someone like me that's as old and I am and who has as much experience...[that] I can still come through this experience and realize a lot of cool things about myself."

In his eyes, this may be the right time now for him to be the artist he wants to be. "The kind of music that I want to make and the way that I want to reach people, you can't rush into it," he told me.  "I tried early on to make records, but I didn't have the perspective. I didn't have the artistic vision totally crystallized yet. I spent a lot of years looking for a sound or a vein or a direction. Something like this will definitely sharpen your perspective."

Tony can be found on the Internet at TonyLucca.com, and also on Twitter at @luccadoes.

And don't feel too sad for Chris Mann - he's perfectly happy with how things ended even if he didn't win.

"I'm so excited. I'm so happy. I love Jermaine. I'm almost happier that he won," he told me. "I'm so proud of myself and proud of all that's happened. The only reason I'm here in the top four was because I was being myself and doing something different."

Chris has a new single on its way called "Roads," which he describes as being about his journey and the journeys we take in life. Like the other artists, he has no plans to stop making music any time soon. You can find him on Twitter at @IAmChrisMann.

"The only thing I didn't get to do was win," he said with a laugh, "but I really could care less."

That's because he - and all of the final four, and many of the artists who didn't make the finals - will no doubt have plenty of new opportunities in front of them. The Voice can only have one technical winner, but everyone will now have the chance to move forward with their musical futures now that their voices have been heard by America.

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