'The Voice' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 13?
'The Voice' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 13?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Voice season 13 is finally coming to a end, and the time to crown a winner has arrived. Despite what every coach seems to believe, only one artist will walk away victorious and be called the true star of the season. The finals were a bit of a mixed bag, with some great performances, some not-so-great ones and one utter musical garbage fire called Chloe and Blake's duet (though that's not really either of their faults). Still, the finals did, theoretically, set a tight race for the title Voice champion. 

So let's make some predictions!

With just four contestants remaining, the format for the predictions is going to change. Rather than putting the contestants into vague groupings, I'm simply going to rank them. These rankings are not necessarily who was the best of the night (or season) but simply who has the best shot to win The Voice. So starting things off is...

Red Marlow

In another season, Red might be a solid (but very boring) shoo-in for The Voice title. He's about as classic country as you can find, and those artists do tend to perform extremely well on The Voice. Still, Red had to get into the finals with the Instant Save, and he's really the odd man out in this finale. Now, he might consolidate the country vote a bit, but still, Red feels like the longest of long shots to win this season. He's good, but it seems The Voice season 13 is going to go to a lady. 

Brooke Simpson 

Brooke absolutely deserved her spot in the finals. Since "Amazing Grace," she's been on a bit of a roll and her "O Holy Night" rendition may have even eclipsed that original religious performance. She's a huge underdog, no matter how thirsty Miley is for the win. 

The fact is that while "O Holy Night" was a great moment for Brooke, it was surrounded by mediocre ones. The duet with Miley was just okay, and her original song was incredibly repetitive (though all the original songs were kind of awful in a lyrical sense). Brooke needed to be absolutely flawless to seriously challenge the other two ladies in the finals. She ended up being  just a little too uneven. 

Addison Agen 

If I could personally pick the winner of season 13, it would be Addison. For starters, coach Adam was much less nauseating (and more genuine) in his praise for Addison, which isn't everything, but it's something. Mostly, though, Addison just feels the most complete and interesting artist -- at least of those who are left in the competition.

 Addison did not have a flawless night, having a rather noticeable, if heartwarming, mistake in her opening number. For the rest of the finals, she recovered. Addison gave powerful, if measured, performances throughout, which is fitting since she's been one of the most consistent artists this entire season.

Chloe Kohanski

Yet, despite my love for Addison, The Voice does seem like Chloe's show to lose. Chloe has a rabid fan base -- and not for nothing, but she is a rather great singer. She's not as original as coach Blake likes to claim, but none of the final four artists feel wholly unique, not that that's an issue in any way.

Chloe has just been dominating The Voice since "Landslide." It will never make sense why Miley let her go from her team. If Miley really wanted to win this season, Chloe was the one to hang on to, but what's done is done. Chloe has been in the lead, and she happens to be doing it on Team Blake. 

It was going to take a series of huge mistakes for Chloe to get knocked from her first place perch on The Voice this season. In the finals, that did not happen. Chloe kept up the level of performance that she's been delivering for weeks. Chloe seemingly coasted right into the title she's been aiming for all season. 

My predictions have been wrong almost all season. But in this one, I'm relatively confident. Chloe Kohanski will win The Voice season 13.

Do you agree? Who do you think will win The Voice? Who should win? How would you rank the final four artists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Voice season 13 finale airs Tuesday, December 19 at 9/8c on NBC. Want more news? Like our Voice Facebook page.

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