Monday Ratings: 'Voice' Return Crushes the Competition
Monday Ratings: 'Voice' Return Crushes the Competition
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
NBC was hoping and praying that the return of The Voice (and, to a lesser extent, Revolution) would save its recent ratings woes, and it looks like those prayers have been answered.
The Voice season 4 premiered averaged 13.64 million viewers, up more than a million from the fall premiere. It also crushed all competition in the coveted 18-49 demographic (the one that helps NBC charge more money for ads), though Dancing with the Stars had slightly more total viewers with 14.47 million.

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Still, The Voice didn't just come back strong for NBC, but it helped to neutralize the competition. It's not just enough to win, your opponents have to lose, so here's how the other networks "lost" Monday night.

-On ABC, Dancing with the Stars may have had more total viewers, but it was down almost 3 million viewers from the season 16 premiere. If that fall continues, The Voice may surpass it in total viewers soon.

-On FOX, Bones and The Following hit all-time lows. It's not much of a surprise for The Following (which is still at 6.66 million viewers and has already been renewed for season 2). But Bones was down to 6.96 million viewers, the second-lowest rating in the show's eight seasons (only 100,000 better than the all-time low, set way back in the fifth episode of season 1). Clearly the weight of going up against two monster reality competitions is starting to show.

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-On CBS, the comedies mostly stayed pretty even with last week's drop, but How I Met Your Mother did fall to 6.99 million, its lowest rating in almost two years. Regardless, CBs was still able to stay ahead of Dancing with the Stars in the 18-49 demo.

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Meanwhile, NBC's other big return, Revolution, brought in 7.03 million viewers, basically tying its low at the end of its fall run. It was third in total viewers at 10pm, but first in the 18-49 demo. Castle stayed strong against it, though Hawaii Five-0 dipped back to the low end of its spectrum, on par with where it was at the start of the fall season when it was also against Revolution.

The real test for NBC is going to be whether the success of The Voice and Revolution have any larger effect on the network, or if the rest of the programming is so far gone to be saved. We'll find out when Tuesday's episodes of Go On and The New Normal get a bump following a new episode of The Voice at 8pm.

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