Brooke Simpson's 'Voice' Top 10 Performance Was the Stand-Out That Team Miley Needed
Brooke Simpson's 'Voice' Top 10 Performance Was the Stand-Out That Team Miley Needed
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Team Miley started off The Voice season 13 in a very strong spot. However, the longer the season has gone the rougher things have become. The biggest blow to Miley's chances of winning The Voice came recently as Janice Freeman was shockingly eliminated. However, in the wake of Janice's loss one of Miley's two remaining artists stepped up to fill the void. After being a passable but unremarkable presence on The Voice, Brooke Simpson delivered a stand-out performance in The Voice's Top 10 with a powerful rendition of "Amazing Grace." With one amazing routine, Brooke became a contender to win the whole season.

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One performance doesn't make a whole season but Brooke needed a stand-out moment to prove her potential on The Voice and she delivered with "Amazing Grace." It might not be the best performance The Voice has ever seen or even the best one of the season but it was, by far, Brooke's best and the stand-out moment of the Top 10. It gave Brooke what she (and Team Miley) needed to possibly win the season: momentum. 

Brooke's biggest problem on The Voice is, unlike many of the other artists, she hasn't exactly found her genre. She's obviously aiming to fit into the pop music mold in some fashion but pop is about as wide-ranging a genre as possible. There are a ton of different niches to be found within it, so deciding to be a pop artist is almost the same as deciding to be singer in general. Yet with "Amazing Grace," Brooke proved that she was meant to be powerhouse, ballad-slinging performer. 

After a few weeks of being comfortable but not seeming entirely at home on The Voice stage, Brooke was a beacon of confidence and competence during the Top 10. Brooke performed "Amazing Grace" as if it was meant for her and that's because she managed to twist the classical song enough to make it her own. 

The best artists in The Voice season 13, or any season, are the ones who are able to elevate the established songs beyond simple karaoke. They're able to imprint their own identity onto someone's else song. It's something that Addison Agen, Chloe Kohanski and Noah Mac have done over and over this season and it's why they're the frontrunners. Now Brooke has finally joined their number. 

While "Amazing Grace" is Brooke's breakout moment, there's enough to suggest in her past performances that it won't just be a fluke. There was a spark of the greatness that came to fruition in "Amazing Grace" during Brooke's Top 11 performance when she took Pink's "What About Us" and added a Native American flair to her rendition. After "Amazing Grace," however, Brooke has truly come into her own and if she can continue to build on the performance, or at least keep on par, she could not only maybe win The Voice, she would deserve it. 

There was such passion and depth of emotion behind Brooke's "Amazing Grace" that she really put any of her competition to shame. If that continues Brooke will be the type of inspiring singer that should, and typically does, win The Voice.

But what do you think? Was Brooke the best of the Top 10? Did the performance put her in the running to win The Voice season 13? Who do you think will ultimately walk away victorious from the season and who do you want to win?

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