What Would You Change on 'The Vampire Diaries'?
What Would You Change on 'The Vampire Diaries'?
We don't always agree with the minds behind our favorite shows. There are characters we hate or plot devices we don't think are necessary. That's why we asked fans of The Vampire Diaries about what they'd like to change on the series.

Don't get us wrong. The show is doing pretty well already. Still, fans think there's a little room for improvement when it comes to The Vampire Diaries.

We asked the fans: If you had your way, what would you change on The Vampire Diaries?

delenalover: Elena being with Stefan because I want to see what it would have been like if she was with Damon and not Stefan.

JelaBuskic2: I love this tension between Damon and Elena. Ian and Nina are doing an excellent job; their every scene is more attractive for me to watch than anything else going on in Mystic Falls. So, I wouldn't change anything that happened so far, but I would like to see them together at some point in the show.

vampiregirl12: I want to see Damon and Elena together because they would make a really good couple. Ian and Nina make them all that more attractive together!!!

UrsulaWhite2: Like to see Jeremy with someone and Elena with neither Damon or Stefan. Damon and Rose make a good pair, and though Stefan and Elena seem to be a good match they really aren't. Never works out well for humans who love vampires.

emgrigorova: I want to see Damon and Elena together and maybe Stefan and Katherine!!!

Most fans appear to be rallying behind the thought of a Damon and Elena hookup. Will they or won't they? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Meanwhile, check out our new Facebook page to stay up-to-date on The Vampire Diaries. 

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