'The Vampire Diaries': What Will John Gilbert Do?
'The Vampire Diaries': What Will John Gilbert Do?
On the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan brought back another possible threat to the non-human citizens of Mystic Falls: John Gilbert. This guy's always been a shady character, and we can't make up our minds about him -- so we asked the fans what they thought.

As of now, we're not sure what's going on in Uncle John's head. We last saw him telling Damon how to kill an Original. Later on, he swore to get Katherine out of the tomb.

The fans are sure that figuring out John Gilbert will be a challenge. Here are some of their answers to the question: Uncle John returned last week, what do you think his plans are? Is he really trying to help Katherine? 

Jen Ross: You know there has to be something in it for him as well [...] but I still love watching him on the show. I hope he sticks around bringing chaos wherever he goes.

Anita Nadal Winchester Bradford: He is only looking out for himself. He's always got ulterior motives.

Hinatea Gerard: Let's hope he'll help her! I want Katherine out of the tomb as much as she wants! [...] I often go for the villains! Especially if they're vampires! Now that Damon's showing his sweet side, the show needs its villain back, and Katherine is good at it! Look, Damon became nice (at some point), Elijah is willing to protect Elena ... What about the bad guys? The bloody vampires? And Klaus is not here yet. 

We also asked: Can Elena and the Salvatore brothers trust John Gilbert?

TeamDefan: I'm with Elena; they cant trust him. That is because he said to them that he came back to Mystic falls to protect Elena from Klaus, but clearly, he came back to release Katherine (for personal reasons). But I do believe that he will protect Elena (he is her father), but he still hates vampires as much as he used to. I may be wrong but we will find out next episode.

sasha34: I think they can trust John to a certain extent. He will protect Elena but only to his own advantage.

lia_27: I think that John will protect Elena, because it's his daughter. But I don't think that the Salvatore brothers can trust him because I think that he still hates vampires as much as before.

leilacopeland99: I don't trust John one bit. At the end of the episode, he said that he will help Katherine out of the tomb. I also agree with you that John will keep Elena safe no matter what, but the Salvatores or anyone else can't trust him.

It's not looking good for John Gilbert, so the Salvatore brothers better watch their backs. Will Elena's dad live up to our rather low expectations of him once the next episode airs? Let us know in the comments. If you want more on The Vampire Diaries, head over to our Facebook page for updates. 

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