'The Vampire Diaries' Videos: Anger and Resentment in 'The Rager'
'The Vampire Diaries' Videos: Anger and Resentment in 'The Rager'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Just because the characters in The Vampire Diaries said good-bye to the sadness of their pasts in "Memorial," that doesn't mean the past is as dead as all those loved ones. On the contrary, the past is alive and fighting. A lot of the anger, resentment and, well, rage in "The Rager" comes from that. Check out these two videos to get a glimpse of the episode.

WARNING: There are Vampire Diaries season 4 spoilers in these videos. Watch with caution.

A lot of what has happened in the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 4 has been set-up for what is coming. Take the introduction of Connor, the new vampire hunter, for example. This new, mysterious guy -- awfully reminiscent of the season 7 introduction of Principal Wood in Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- will play a major part in what is coming as we move through season 4.

So of course Connor is important to the upcoming TVD episode, "The Rager." How important? See that for yourself in this first video, a promo for episode 3.

  • It looks like Connor will be hanging around the hallways of Mystic Falls High School. That's a smart move on Connor's part, really. After all, the only confirmed vampire he knows about is a student there.
  • Poor Matt. He saves Elena from her hunger pangs and all he gets in return is a knife to the throat. Not that Matt would ever give up Elena, even in the face of death.
  • With Connor walking through a school door, does this mean that the hunter has some sort of official role at the school? New history teacher perhaps?
  • Who does Connor know or suspect to be a vampire? He definitely has identified the annoyingly unkillable Tyler. And Damon is obviously a top name on the guy's list. But there is nothing to suggest that Connor knows about Elena, Caroline or Stefan. Unless he infers it from proximity...
  • Jeremy isn's going to ally himself with Connor, is he? The hunter wants to kill off Jeremy's last surviving relative!
  • "Don't we have great enough evil already?" Good point.
  • Of course Damon wants to eat Connor. That's Damon's solution to so many of life's problems.
  • Explosions. Naturally. Mystic Falls is one messed-up town.
  • Is there more to Connor than meets the eye? Or someone else?

The second video from "The Rager" deals with another aspect of the episode. It seems that lonely Rebekah has decided to throw a party in order to have friends again. Will this shindig be enough to win over Matt after she nearly killed him? Check it out here:

"I know you're still angry I ran you off the bridge..." When Rebekah puts it that way, it sounds like Matt should definitely be angry. Granted, Rebekah had a good reason. We may not like her reason, but it was a good one. Will the family love argument have any effect on Matt? Will he (or anybody) attend Rebekah's party?

We will find out when "The Rager" airs on Thursday, October 25 at 8pm on The CW.

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