The Vampire Diaries: Video Sneak Peeks and Updates
The Vampire Diaries: Video Sneak Peeks and Updates
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The Vampire Diaries returned with a bang but it appears that we ain't seen nothing yet. In this week's episode alone, "There Goes the Neighborhood," Pearl and Anna resurface to tell Damon about their diabolical plan which will drastically change everything in Mystic Falls should they succeed.

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In the first clip, we learn that Pearl and Anna have taken up residence just outside of town momentarily but they plan to take back Mystic Falls and rebuild what was once their hometown. And they're planning to do so with the help of Damon since he has already infiltrated to Founders Council. Damon, however, thinks it's a crazy idea but will he change his mind when Pearl offers him a reward in the form of Katherine?

But episode 16 isn't just all about vampires as it also makes room for a lot of awkward stuff, including Caroline, Matt, Elena and Stefan's double date--which Caroline suggests ironically is to purge all the awkwardness in their friendship.

In other Vampire Diaries news, executive producer Kevin Williamson reveals to E! Online that the tomb opening without Katherine inside was just one of six major cliffhangers intended for the rest of the season.

"He has to realize, 'Wait, this woman didn't want me?'" Williamson says of Ian Somerhalder's character Damon, who may end up slightly more decent after everything he's been through. "To watch him spiral out of control and then watch him put the pieces back together, oddly enough, this may hurt so much it may just bring out some humanity in him."

But there are more clues for rest of the episodes of The Vampire Diaries and you've probably already encountered one in the previous episode and weren't even aware of it. At the end of Thursday night's "A Few Good Men" episode, Elena dialed a phone number that led to a woman (presumably Isobel). But curious fans who dialed the number (1-919-399-2507) are already aware that an actual message can be heard and you can find out here.

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