'The Vampire Diaries' Video Preview: Diabolical Plan, The Sequel
'The Vampire Diaries' Video Preview: Diabolical Plan, The Sequel
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The hardest working person at The Vampire Diaries might be the costume designer.  Forgetting about the modern clothes (which, thankfully, Stefan and Damon don't wear that often), the show also has period flashbacks to the 1860s and now, the kids are going to a '50s dance.

In next week's episode, "Unpleasantville," the school throws a '50s style dance, giving everyone the chance to play dress up.  But that doesn't help uncomplicated matters for Elena, who apparently has two dates.  Check out two new video clips from the episode below.

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In the first Vampire Diaries clip, the '50s sock hop is raging, and while Aunt Jenna is trying her hardest to flirt with Alaric, he's a little busy staring down Damon.  Things are even more awkward when Elena shows up with Stefan...and Damon.  Now that is one greedy girl, taking both hot vampires for herself.

In the second clip, Damon and Stefan are back home for another round of sibling mockery.  The most shocking part isn't Damon reading his father's journal for clues about Emily's witch book, it's that Stefan makes a joke.  I do have to admit: Diabolical Plan: The Sequel sounds like an awesome movie.

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