'The Vampire Diaries' Video: Elena, Bonnie and Damon Go to College
'The Vampire Diaries' Video: Elena, Bonnie and Damon Go to College
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Vampire Diaries introduced a huge new piece of mythology this week with The Five, a mysterious group that is somehow connected to Klaus and Hunters with invisible tattoos.

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While I have my suspicions that we're entering "into every generation, five Slayers are born" territory, the next new episode isn't just about flashbacks to Klaus in the 12th century. There's also some fun stuff going on in the present, mostly surrounding a college road trip.

Bonnie, Elena and Damon check out colleges, though Elena isn't so sure dorm rooms are in her future now that she's dead. But that doesn't mean they can't still have fun. As we learn, Damon has gone to college several times, mostly for the sorority girls.

The college trip not only gives Elena a chance to bite into a few douchy frat guys, but it will also offer insight into Bonnie. At Whitmore College she meets up with Professor Shane, who is taking up the Occult Studies classes that Bonnie's grandmother used to teach. I'm kind of disappointed my college didn't have an Occult Studies department.

What part of "The Five" are you most excited about, Elena, Bonnie and Damon's college road trip or the 12th century flashbacks that will hopefully explain what The Five is (other than a show on FOX News).

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW.

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