'The Vampire Diaries': The 16 Most Emotional Moments from the Series Finale
'The Vampire Diaries': The 16 Most Emotional Moments from the Series Finale
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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The Vampire Diaries was an emotional show, so of course the series finale, "I Was Feeling Epic," was filled with powerful moments, both happy and sad. Stefan sacrificed himself. Bonnie managed to wake Elena without having to die. And after all the loss and heartache, these characters found peace.

Here are the most emotional moments from the series finale, "I Was Feeling Epic."

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Bonnie Saw Elena When Her Heart Stopped

TVD 816 Bonnie Elena.jpg
After the best friends hugged, Elena realized what it meant: that Bonnie was dead. "This isn't how it's supposed to be," she protested. "You can't die, not yet. You have to live and grow old and have children and grandchildren." Even when Bonnie saw it as a chance to be with Enzo, Elena still told her it was "wrong."

Bonnie Came Back to Life

Before she came back, Enzo appeared to her and told her it wasn't her time. And as she hugged Caroline, Bonnie told her and Stefan that she saw Elena.

Caroline Had to Leave Stefan in Mystic Falls

She had promised Alaric that the twins wouldn't grow up without their mother, and Stefan had to find Damon because he wouldn't leave Elena there. "Family first," Stefan told his wife. "We're family now," Caroline protested. "Don't make me leave you." But he had to move fast to convince Damon, and he needed her to be safe to do that. "He's my brother." "Family first," she agreed and after an exchange of "I love you" and a kiss, Caroline left.   

Stefan and Damon Both Wanted to Be the One to Sacrifice Himself

Only one of them had to stay to make sure Katherine was in hell when it was destroyed. They both spilled blood. They both were responsible for their own actions. But Stefan argued that he was human and only had 60 years before he'd be old and dead, while Damon had an eternity with Elena ahead of him. That meant "a lot less" without his brother, Damon protested.

Stefan: "Do you think I want this? I just got married. My wife is out there waiting for me to come home to her. But in the nearly two centuries since I made you become a vampire, I have fought to turn you into the man who deserves the happiness that's out there right now."
Damon: "No."
Stefan: "Let me do this for you."
Damon: "No."
Stefan: "Then let me do this for me. Please."
Damon: "I love you, little brother."
Stefan: "I love you too."

TVD 816 Damon Stefan.jpg
However, Damon had one more card up his sleeve: compulsion, since Stefan was human. He wanted Stefan to walk out of the tunnels, "because I am the big brother. I'm sorry I wasn't better at it until now."

Peter Reunited with Vicki

"You're about 15 years too late to be paternal," she told him, thinking he was Matt's trump card. That wasn't why he was there though. Bonnie had a plan. They wanted her to keep ringing the bell. "I just wanted to see my daughter one last time," Peter explained.

After Finding out Stefan Planned to Sacrifice Himself, Caroline Left Him a Voicemail Saying Goodbye

"I need you to know that I understand. I love you. I will love you forever. I understand."

Bonnie Wasn't Alone When She Took Control of the Hellfire and Redirected It Back to Hell

TVD 816 Bennett witches.jpg
"I can do this," she said. "I can beat you. You can't have me. It's not my time!" That was when Enzo showed up, when she was "finally ready to live." "Keep fighting," he told her. She wasn't alone. She had the Bennett witches with her, including Grams. It worked. "I did it," Bonnie said before collapsing.

Stefan Revealed That He Did End up Sacrificing Himself

He gave Damon his blood, the cure. Without the cure, Stefan would age and be dead soon enough. "I did what I had to do," he explained to Elena after assuring her Damon was okay. Stefan was the one to send Katherine to hell one last time, with a "goodbye, brother," before the hellfire reached them.

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Stefan and Elena Said Goodbye and He Found Peace

TVD 816 Stefan Elena.jpg
"Tonight, I saw a side of Damon I hadn't seen in a while," he shared with Elena. "The older brother I looked up to, the son who enlisted in the Civil War to please his father, the Damon I knew when I was a boy. I wanted that Damon to live, and I wanted you to have an opportunity to get to know him. He's the better man. He's the right man."

And after he said goodbye to Elena, Stefan walked out of the high school and found Lexi waiting for him. "That was beautiful," she told him. "I was feeling epic," he replied.

Bonnie Found a Way to Break Kai's Spell, and Elena Woke Up  

"It took some time, but I think I finally figured this witch thing out," Bonnie said and the friends hugged.

Damon Didn't Think He'd See His Brother Again

"We'll see him again," Caroline insisted, even as Damon was so sure he was heading the other way from peace. "They'll probably reopen hell for me." "Don't be so sure," she said.

Damon and Elena Were Reunited

TVD 816 Damon Elena.jpg
Damon and Caroline walked out of the Salvatore crypt to find Elena and Bonnie waiting for them.

Caroline Found out Stefan Heard Her Voicemail

Before he left Elena, he gave her a message for Caroline: "One day when you wake up, tell Caroline I heard her and I will love her forever too."

Before Leaving the Crypt, Everyone Said Goodbye to Stefan

That of course meant leaving behind items of significance, like the Mystic Falls snow globe (Caroline), a daylight ring (Damon) and a certain necklace (Elena).

Elena Found Peace and Reunited with Her Family

TVD 816 Elena Family.jpg
Her parents were there. Jenna was there. John was there.

Damon Found Peace and Reunited with Stefan

"Hello, brother," Damon greeted him.
TVD 816 Damon Stefan peace.jpg

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