'The Vampire Diaries' Spoilers: Will Tyler Hunt His Friends?
'The Vampire Diaries' Spoilers: Will Tyler Hunt His Friends?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After a long winter hiatus, The Vampire Diaries is finally returning this week. When we last visited Mystic Falls, Hayley showed her allegiance to Shane, Klaus killed all his hybrids and then killed Tyler's mother for revenge, April discovered the truth about vampires and found Rebekah daggered, Damon said goodbye to Elena and stayed to train Jeremy to be a vampire hunter, and Stefan found out the truth about Elena and Damon's relationship. Wow. How will the show's return top that?

Spoiler alert: This preview contains The Vampire Diaries spoilers and clips. Watch at your own risk!

The CW has released the official preview trailer for "After School Special" and it looks to be a doozy of an hour. Rebekah's back and she's probably not very happy. Jeremy's training continues with Damon, but Klaus either isn't thrilled with the progress or he won't be when Jeremy defies him. And, Stefan is dealing with his pain of losing Elena.

"After School Special" Extended Preview

The extended trailer provides even more spoilers:

  • Elena tells Stefan, "I didn't sleep with Damon because of the sire bond, I slept with Damon because I'm in love with him." Ouch!
  • Rebekah wants Tyler to turn into a werewolf. Yep! Here's an exchange between the two.
  • Rebekah: Release that anger you've been holding inside, Tyler. 
    Tyler: If I turn, I'll kill them.
    Rebekah: Yes, you will.
  • From the trailer, it looks like Tyler does turn and attacks his friends at the school. Will he hurt his friends? Or, will they be able to outrun him?
Meanwhile, Jeremy continues his training by fighting Matt with Damon overseeing the action. Jeremy wants Damon to help train him, but helping not observing. It doesn't go well! 

Jeremy's Hunter Training

The Vampire Diaries "After School Special" airs Thursday, January 17 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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(Image and videos courtesy of the CW.)