'The Vampire Diaries' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Katherine's Game
'The Vampire Diaries' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Katherine's Game
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The return of The Vampire Diaries comes with the return of Katherine, and she's here to stay. The season 2 premiere kicked off with all the heightened emotions, jaw-dropping moments and a shocking ending that we've come to expect.

But the true star is Katherine, the vampire who turned Damon and Stefan and who returns to cause as much chaos as possible. Not only does she put the brothers at odds with one another, but she gives star Nina Dobrev a chance to be great. While Elena is a bit too serious, Katherine is the female Damon, a vampire who loves having fun and terrorizing people.

By luring Damon in and then breaking what remains of his heart, Katherine's game is definitely one of manipulation. Her actions help push him over the edge and lead Damon to commit an act of unspeakable horror: killing Elena's brother Jeremy.

Of course Jeremy was wearing Jonathan's magic ring to protect him from being killed by supernatural creatures, but did Damon know that? As much as we may want to hope he did, it's very unlikely. After Elena broke the pieces of his heart that were already shattered by Katherine, Damon wanted her to suffer.

If Jeremy's death wasn't enough of a shock, The Vampire Diaries ended with a real game-changer. Katherine officially started her game by killing Caroline, who recovered by drinking Damon's blood (a fact Katherine knew thanks to Bonnie, who told her about it at Mayor Lockwood's memorial when she thought she was talking to Elena). In other words, Mystic Falls is getting a new vampire.

Candice Accola has a lot to be thankful for, because even though the last woman on the show who was turned (Vicki) had a quick demise, playing a vampire is the best way to give your character a huge storyline. Caroline's romance with Matt was getting a bit dull by the end of the first season, so this should spice things up a lot.

Additionally we got to see Bonnie growing into a true bad-ass, standing up to Damon, and Tyler losing control after the death of his father. Tyler and the arrival of his Uncle Mason are sure to get a lot more screentime this season as the show explores the curse of being a Lockwood, which fans of the books and spoilers know is a lot more than a bad temper.

From the return of Katherine to the sudden deaths and resurrections of Jeremy and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries is back in every sense of the word.

Let the game begin.

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