'The Vampire Diaries' Review: There's No Such Thing as Coincidence
'The Vampire Diaries' Review: There's No Such Thing as Coincidence
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The Vampire Dairies has proven once again that it's one of the most shocking shows on TV nowadays with tonight's episode, "A Few Good Men." This week, we meet Matt's long-lost mother in the form of Melinda Clarke, learn more about the vampire who escaped from the Tomb, and the mystery that is Isobel.

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Not much has been revealed about Harper (Sterling Suleiman), the mystery vampire from the Tomb, but it's interesting to note that he knows Pearl and Annabel, who are both expecting his arrival at their hideout.

Kelly Donavan

Matt's mother arrives in Mystic Falls just when Matt and Caroline are about to get hot and heavy on the couch and her timing couldn't be better. The Matt-Caroline love story is slowing losing its flame, at least for me, but Kelly's obnoxious behavior towards Caroline delicately suggests that there's more to look forward to the wasted absentee mother than her failed relationship with boyfriend trucker Pete or her strained relationship with her children. And one of those things is her beef with Caroline's mom, Sheriff Forbes.

Who is Your Vampire Soulmate?


The episode reaches its pinnacle as Elena, Stefan and Alaric dig up info on Isobel. By now it's clear that Elena's birthmother and Alaric's dead wife sharing the same name is no coincidence. It's also no accident that Isobel's best friend Trudie is aware of vampires and has vervain, though it's unfortunate that we won't be able to explore her story further because she already met her end at the hands of a mysterious man. Still Elena uncovers the shocking truth about her birthmother, Isobel, amidst the bachelor auction fundraising project of the Founders Council, where bachelor Damon deliberately blurts out that he met Isobel in North Carolina and she was "delicious"-- much to the dismay of Alaric and Elena. It turns out Isobel is alive but doesn't want anything to do with Elena. Oh and according to Damon, she's also a vampire.

Other observations:

  • Bonnie doesn't appear tonight but Elena does allude her absence due to the death of Grams.
  • Elena goes to the Salvatore house to look for Stefan but finds something better: a shirtless Damon, who looks dashing, hot, irresistible and wrecked all at the same time. 
  • In a flashback scene, Isobel is revealed to be fascinated about the mysterious deaths of Mystic Falls and is aware of the presence of vampires. 
  • Damon thinks that if Isobel "is related to Elena maybe she's related to Katherine and Katherine sent her to me. It can't be a coincidence that Isobel sought me out."
  • Damon reveals that Isobel came to him and begged him to turn her into a vampire since she wasn't happy with her life anymore. 
  • Alaric tries to stab Damon but ends up getting hurt instead. He seemingly dies but eventually rouses without a scratch, thanks to his magical ring.

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