'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Jeremy's Turn
'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Jeremy's Turn
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In between the introduction of a house full of vampires recently released from the Tomb and the world's worst double date starring Matt, Caroline, Elena and Stefan, The Vampire Diaries was all about Jeremy Gilbert.

The sweet younger brother of Elena has been sidelined since having his memory wiped of Vicki, but his relationship with Anna took one giant leap forward when he finally put two and two together and discovered that she's a vampire.  It feels like he came to that conclusion a lot faster than Elena did with Stefan.

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The comedic highlight of the episode had to come when Jeremy was in a vampire chat room looking for information on how you become a vampire.  First the jokers on the site suggested Brad Pitt or Wayne Newton and then, when Jeremy asked how you kill a vampire, one user wrote: "The blood of Paula Abdul."  I can only assume that means vampires are also susceptible to alcohol poisoning.

After tricking Anna into revealing her true form to him, Jeremy wondered why she didn't just kill him before asking her to do the ultimate transformation: he wants to be turned into a vampire.  Given what we know about Isobel, this should spell trouble for Elena, but it also makes Jeremy a more interesting character and turns the Jeremy-Anna love story into high gear.

While Stefan is a do-gooder and his relationship with Elena is relatively straightforward, Anna's evil side makes her love for Jeremy more compelling.  This new love also addresses the inherent flaw in a vampire-human love story.  Stefan will never age, but Elena will.  Rather than ignore that inevitable problem, Jeremy has found a solution for him and Anna to be together forever.

Whatever happens, the fact is that The Vampire Diaries has a remarkable way of offering major plot twists that make the minor characters more interesting.  Turning people into vampires is always a good thing.

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