'The Vampire Diaries' Review: A Tale of Two Vampires
'The Vampire Diaries' Review: A Tale of Two Vampires
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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And now we know the rest of the story--that is the story behind how Stefan and Damon came to be vampires on The Vampire Diaries. Though I always knew that Katherine was responsible for the Salvatore brothers' transition, I never expected the little twists and turns that came along in the flashback scenes, let alone the casualties and delightfully surprising revelations at the end of this episode. More on the highlights of "Blood Brothers" after the jump.

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Stefan and Damon's Turn

The Vampire Diaries takes a trip down memory lane, courtesy of Stefan's human blood addiction, and it's 1860s all over again. We specifically time travel to the time when the Salvatore brothers are trying to rescue Katherine from Jonathan Gilbert and his torch-wielding men, who are rounding up all the vampires to seal in the Tomb. In the process of saving Katherine, however, Damon and Stefan get shot by their own father, who already considered his sons dead the moment they sided with the vampires. Damon and Stefan survive, thanks to the blood of Katherine. Apparently, Katherine had been compelling Stefan to drink her blood weeks before she was captured, while Damon voluntarily took it.

Stefan's transition, though somewhat accidental, reveals the most disturbing yet interesting story about the death of his father. It turns out that Stefan killed his own father as a form of self-defense after his father tried to stab him. And though Stefan wanted to die rather than to turn into a vampire, he wasn't strong enough to resist his father's bloody chest wound so he eventually drank his blood and then became a full-fledged vampire. Damon, on the other hand, doesn't want to go through the transition anymore since he believes that Katherine already died when the villagers set fire to the church. But Stefan convinces his brother and even brings a woman he can feed on. Of course, Damon becomes a vampire but swears to make an eternity of misery for Stefan--not because he turned him into a vampire, but because Katherine chose to turn Stefan too.

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The Unlikely Alliance

Back in the present, we see the most unlikely alliance: Damon and Alaric teaming up on yet another mission. This time, they head to a house in Grove Hill in hopes of finding Isobel. While the mission itself doesn't reveal much, except for the fact that John Gilbert has been helping the vampires from the Tomb, it makes them realize how much they have in common since both are searching for answers about the women in their lives that none of them really want to know. Alaric eventually decides that he's done looking for Isobel but life is full of ironies because it turns out Isobel has been looking for him too.

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The Tragic End

Good things are finally happening between Jeremy and Anna, who even enrolled in high school so she could be with him. But a happy ending doesn't seem to be in the cards for this couple since Anna has to leave town with her mother Pearl, who decides to leave Mystic Falls after an ugly confrontation with John Gilbert. Anna quietly says goodbye to Jeremy only to discover later that Harper and her mother are dead.

As for Elena, who didn't really do much other than to convince Stefan not to commit suicide by sunlight, she'll deal with bigger and better things in next week's episode as she comes face to face with her birth mother Isobel. For now, do you think Anna will still leave town or will she seek revenge? What does Isobel want from Alaric? Are you enjoying the Damon-Alaric alliance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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