'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Werewolves vs. Vampires
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Werewolves vs. Vampires
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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After plenty of foreshadowing, The Vampire Diaries is finally introducing werewolves. In this episode, appropriately titled "Bad Moon Rising," we learn all about the history of werewolves, the history of Katherine, how to be a good vampire and we get some very big relationship status changes.

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The Truth About Werewolves

Elena, Damon and Ric (the nickname all the cool kids are using for Alaric) head to Duke to look through Isobel's research for more info on werewolves after Ric spills the beans that she was studying them. They find a research assistant named Vanessa who is scared to death to meet Damon Salvatore and Katherine Pierce. Later, Vanessa (aka Lady Exposition) tells us everything we need to know about vampires and werewolves.

-Over 600 years ago the Aztecs cursed vampires so they couldn't walk in the sunlight and they cursed werewolves to change during a full moon.

-Werewolves hate vampires and want to kill them all.

-A long time ago vampires went on the offensive and killed almost all the werewolves, which is why Damon's never seen one.

-A werewolf's bite can allegedly kill a vampire.

The History of Katherine

During their search Damon also finds a book marked "Petrova" (Katherine's original surname) and gives it to Elena for clues about her doppelganger. And at the end of the episode, Katherine returns to Caroline's bedroom for round 2 of her game.

How to Be a Good Vampire

Meanwhile, Stefan stays behind to teach Caroline how to be a vampire. Unfortunately for her, being a vampire heightens your original personality, which is why Stefan is always so serious and why Caroline is even more neurotic and jealous. But for Caroline, being a good vampire comes in three easy steps.

1. Get Bonnie to use her magic to make a new daywalking ring so Caroline can go out in the sunlight. Bonnie will never be killed off on The Vampire Diaries because they need her to do her magic whenever the plot needs a little help.

2. Go hunting for bunnies to feed on. Caroline is understandably skeptical about eating cute fluffy creatures, but she doesn't have a vote.
3. Connect to your humanity by spending time with Matt at the Lockwood swimming hole. Caroline is extra jealous but wanders off into the woods during the full moon with Matt.

Werewolves vs. Vampires

In the end, Matt and Caroline make out when he cuts himself. She can't resist and feeds on him. Stefan shows up to stop her and escape because there's a werewolf (Mason) on the loose. They run and bump into Tyler when the werewolf appears. It attacks Caroline, Stefan uses his vampire super speed and strength to knock it away and then Tyler calls it and the wolf runs away.

Caroline compels Matt to forget that she bit him, but Tyler seems to be free to remember all about seeing Stefan attack the werewolf. He also realizes that the werewolf was his uncle when a naked Mason comes up behind him. Maybe it's just me, but Tyler was staring at his naked, dirty uncle a little too long for comfort before passing him some pants.

Relationship Statuses

Matt and Caroline: Broken up, because she's too jealous of some trampy new girl named Amy.

Alaric and Jenna: Back together. Or at least back to making out.

Damon and Elena: Done. Sorry fans, but Elena is not about to forgive Damon for snapping Jeremy's neck, even when Damon admits that he didn't actually see it. It turns out Elena can be one cold, calculated, vicious woman when she wants to be.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: It's time for another flashback episode! And it's time for Elena and Katherine to come face-to-face. I smell awkwardness and hot period piece action.

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