'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Many Secrets of Klaus Revealed
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Many Secrets of Klaus Revealed
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries is called "Klaus" and with good reason: It's all about Klaus! We find out the real backstory of the oldest vampire in history, including the fact that he's not actually a vampire. Well, not JUST a vampire.

The action unfolds as Elijah wakes up and tells Elena the story of how Klaus met Katherine (or Katerina, as she was called back then). The secrets Elijah reveals are fantastic and change the entire mythology of the series, so I'm officially in love with this episode, and not just because Joseph Morgan is sexy as hell.

So let's get to the five biggest secrets we learn about Klaus.

Secret #1: The Original Family

Elijah is Klaus' brother, and while their parents were allegedly human, their mom had seven kids, and they all became the First Family of Vampires, the Originals. We don't get their true origin story, but I am definitely looking forward to it, plus the fact that there are five more potential Originals the show can introduce throughout the series. That's great planning for the future of the series.

Secret #2: The Fake Curse

Klaus actually planted the info about the Curse of the Sun and the Moon originating from the Aztecs, and the curse isn't even real. It's all a lie made up by Klaus to help make sure all vampires and werewolves would keep an eye out for the doppelganger, because the actual curse is something that only applies to him.

Secret #3: The WereVamp

Finally, Elijah tells Elena the biggest secret of Klaus: their mother had an affair and Klaus came from a different bloodline. A werewolf bloodline. That's right, Klaus is a WEREVAMP! Half-werewolf, half-vampire. But the witches didn't like having such a powerful creature, so they placed a curse on him (and only him) to keep his werewolf half dormant. If Klaus breaks the curse, he can sire an entire race of werevamps and basically take over the world.

Secret #4: How to Kill Klaus

It turns out werevamps are immune to the dagger covered in white ash, so the only way to kill him is for a witch to do it during the Sacrifice, meaning it's Bonnie's way or no way. Luckily, because it seems Elijah was in love with Katerina, he found a way to perform the Sacrifice without killing the doppelganger, so at least Elena's safe.

Secret #5: The Arrival of Klaus

In the end, the real Klaus shows up in Mystic Falls after his entourage un-possesses Alaric (who collapses, but we see him in the preview for next week, so I think he's not dead). The secret is that Greta (aka Luka's sister) arrives and she seems very happy to be with Klaus. I imagine she'll be less happy when she learns what happened to her brother and father.

Jenna Finds Out

In non-Klaus news, Jenna finally finds out the truth about vampires thanks to AlariKlaus threatening to kill her and Stefan vamping out in front of her. Elena tries to explain it all to her, but she's understandably freaked out. At least she knows now and maybe she can get a real storyline.

Salvatore War

The episode also reignites the war between Stefan and Damon. First they disagree on whether or not they should trust Elijah. Then Stefan decides to air out his grievances by bringing up the fact that Damon is in love with Elena, but he'll never have her. This causes a huge fight that ends with Damon storming off and enjoying a late night snack: Andie Star. However, he has enough self control to make her leave before he kills her, so Damon isn't all bad.

And while the eye candy is usually for the ladies, tonight The Vampire Diaries does something for the male viewers by getting Andie in some very skimpy lingerie. God bless you, Dawn Olivieri, and you're ridiculously hot body.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: The real Klaus hits Mystic Falls, and there's going to be plenty of mystic fallout.

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