'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Shane's in Control
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Shane's in Control
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After much build up about the search for the cure, the Mystic Falls residents arrived on the island led by Shane. Instead of action and intrigue, "Into the Wild" felt like a combination of a bad horror movie and Shane's story time. The hour was transitional by moving people and artifacts into place without many shockers.

Shane's a Liar

Anyone surprised? It's been obvious from the beginning that he had his own agenda and was using those around him, especially Bonnie. It's too bad her father trusted Shane over his own daughter.

He sacrificed the pastor, Mystic Falls residents,and the hybrids for his plan to work. What is the third sacrifice? He didn't bring enough people with him for it to be based on number. Could the final sacrifice be a Hunter, a witch,or both? He brought Jeremy and Bonnie to the island even though, Vaughn and Qetsiyah are already present on the island.

He manipulated Jeremy and Bonnie to join him on his quest while leaving the others behind, so they must be significant in some way. Elena may end up regretting her decision to keep Damon from killing Shane.

Lessons Learned from Horror Movies

Stay together! Why in the world did they all go off on their own? They knew it was a dangerous place as soon as they left the beach. Bonnie went off to play with fire, somehow Jeremy was kidnapped without anyone knowing, and Damon got angry with Elena and took off. Stupid people!

What happened to them? Jeremy was brought to Shane. Bonnie was manipulated by magic to meet up with Shane. And, Damon got his neck broken by One of the Five. None of them had a very good day.

The same is true about the headstone. After protecting it so carefully in Mystic Falls, Stefan and Rebekah left it sitting around for anyone to take? A very weak plot point and disappointing. Shane should have had to fight for it at least.

Three's Company

That left Stefan, Rebekah and Elena. What an odd and unfortunate threesome to be stuck together. They argued ... and argued some more. Then, just as Elena complained about how Rebekah tried to kill her, the Original saved her life.

With the others missing, Elena realized that they needed to trust each other and work together. Rebekah didn't want any part of a truce, not even after Elena offered the Oak dagger as a peace offering. In the end, Rebekah agreed. Will this new partnership last? Or, will they turn on each other at the first opportunity?

The Cure

There's been way too much talk about the cure. Who wants to take it? Why they want or don't want to be human again? Who will they love if they take the cure? Enough already! It's getting so old.

They should have been asking and finding out how the cure works. They have never even asked Shane if more than one vampire can be cured. What if it is a one and done deal? Will The Vampire Diaries turn into The Hunger Games with the winner getting the cure?

Now that the vampires have all been cut out of the search with Silas, it could be a non-issue anyway. Though, I expect they will catch up with Shane at some point. He may see his wife again, but he won't be alive when that happens.

Back in Mystic Falls

It's been a few episodes since we have seen Tyler and Caroline. This was another story that should have been more shocking and emotional, but the feelings weren't there. It never seemed possible that Klaus would let Caroline die, not even to punish Tyler.

Caroline's words about Klaus being redeemable were touching. And, even somewhat believable, but as she said earlier he was responsible for killing Jenna and Tyler's mother. His love for her is what saved her life.

Klaus couldn't let his one love, even if she couldn't return that love, die if he could prevent it. His suffering was palpable. There is a piece of him that wants to be better for her, but it is too far out of his nature to stick.

What Next?

Now that people are all in place, it should get exciting. The time race to find Jeremy and Bonnie before Shane does something bad to them. Plus, the Hunter, Vaughn, has Damon. Why didn't he just kill his vampire capture immediately?

The cure and Silas ... will either or both be found? We'll have to wait to find out next week on "Down the Rabbit Hole."

Did you find the episode to be boring with too much time spent on Shane's story hour? Will they all make it off the island alive? Will any of the vampires become human?

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