'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Secrets and Rage Create a 'Killer'
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Secrets and Rage Create a 'Killer'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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"Dear Diary: Today I helped break up a hostage situation, got betrayed by my boyfriend and ripped out a guy's throat. Same old, same old..."

Alas, this is not exactly what Elena writes when she finally remembers that titular diary in "The Killer." But she could have. Get all of the details from this episode of The Vampire Diaries in this "Killer" recap.

They Don't Even Notice Hostage Crises in Mystic Falls These Days...

If you ever want a good place to commit a crime, I definitely would suggest Mystic Falls. Even a hostage crisis that shuts down what seems to be the only restaurant and bar in the whole town -- for most of a full day -- seems to barely register.

This works out well for Connor.

Sent back to the vampire-ridden town by the nefarious Professor Shane (who won't explain the funky tattoos until they've all shown up), Connor decides he can kill the most vampires if he takes a few key hostages. That would be Jeremy, Matt and April. Jeremy and Matt are at the Grill because it's their job. April is at the Grill because... Theoretically she's there to ask Matt about Rebekah's disappearance. But I kind of think that this is more because The Vampire Diaries needed a girl to be in peril.

Connor barely notices anyone but Jeremy. He happily shares anti-vampire bomb-making techniques while waiting for the vampires to take the bait.

Stefan and Klaus Keep a Secret

But there is more than just attack on the minds of the vampires. Stefan and Klaus, in particular, have secrets to deal with. Klaus has run off to Europe in the pursuit of the medieval Hunter's sword. Stefan has been left behind to keep the plan moving. Desperate to "cure" Elena of her vampirism, Stefan is willing to do just about anything.

He and Klaus therefore come up with a plan -- they will capture Connor alive, not particularly caring if any hybrid foot soldiers or non-Jeremy hostages make it out.

Plans, Counter-Plans and Trust Issues

It's not like the others miss this whole Stefan-Klaus alliance. But they can't figure it out. Instead, Damon, Elena, Caroline and Tyler make plans to storm the Grill and rip Connor's heart out of his chest.

They're good with this plan until Stefan shows up to take command. Although this annoys everyone -- not just Damon -- the group goes along with it, since Stefan appears to have actually thought things through a little bit.

But they still don't trust him. They shouldn't. Stefan makes this abundantly clear when he injects Damon with vervain and then tenderly asks Elena to trust him on this.

Elena wants to trust Stefan. She really, really wants to. But the girl is smart enough to realize that Stefan isn't telling her everything. Or anything. This makes things awkward, even when Stefan runs off to save Jeremy and the rest.

Teen Drama Amidst the Werewolves

Meanwhile, the werewolves and Caroline are pretty much sitting on the sidelines. Klaus does manage to send in one hybrid to be cannon fodder, but he is so unimportant that I forgot to make a note of his name. Dean maybe?

Anyway, he dies.

This makes Hayley very sad, since they were friends or something. Tyler comforts his Appalachian savior but then has to deal with the considerable wrath of Caroline. Having just met Hayley for the first time, Caroline is understandably curious about her boyfriend's relationship with the hot werewolf.

It takes Tyler awhile to get to a defensible position, but he manages eventually. It seems that Tyler and Hayley are secretly working to free all of the hybrids from Klaus' sire bond. They're only pretending to be an item to keep Klaus from noticing.

Caroline may or may not believe this. That's fair.

Because Of Course the Crazed Vampire Killer Wants to Talk

Back at the Grill, Stefan manages to sneak in via an old Underground Railroad tunnel. Matt and April escape the same way while Stefan heads out to confront Connor.

Connor isn't so interested in chatting. He is more interested in killing Stefan and getting more tattoos. Even Stefan's promise of information about the Five fails to entice the hunter to give up the fight.

But Stefan's attempts do have another, unintended consequence.

Elena Goes All Badass and Eats the Wrong Guy

That consequence would have a lot to do with Elena. Frustrated by a lack of communication from Stefan and feeling betrayed when she learns that Stefan would rather talk than save Jeremy, Elena wants to fight. And kill.

Damon, groggy from the vervain and stuck in the dark after Stefan stole his daylight ring, approves of this plan. He tells her to go for it.

Elena does. She enters the restaurant in scared-human mode but soon manages to attack Connor in a moment of distraction. Not that her attack is entirely successful. Jeremy gets shot (as Jeremy tends to do) and Connor fights back so effectively that Elena seems about to lose.

At least she has Stefan to intervene... Kind of. Stefan merely grabs the hunter and runs away.

He doesn't get too far. Damon has managed to smash his way through a septic tank and into the tunnels, and he's ready to fight Stefan as long and as hard as he needs to. This is seriously about as crazy as we've seen the brothers get! Damon even plays with Stefan's innards for awhile.

And Damon finds out that Connor's survival may be the key to turning Elena human again.

Someone probably should have told this to Elena. The poor girl learns that everyone has been lying to her about Connor when she heals Jeremy. This doesn't sit well with the young vampire. Unfortunately for Connor, Elena's frustration vents itself in ripping out his throat and snapping his neck.

Elena has killed a human being. Had to happen sooner or later...

And Professor Shane has lost his minion.

Funky Tea and Hypnosis with the Creepily Inappropriate Professor

Speaking of Professor Shane, he and Bonnie spend the entire episode hanging out in the man's rather spacious office. Professors do not get digs like this at most universities! Especially junior professors who teach obscure fluff subjects like the occult.

Whatever. The vast accommodations provide Shane with the proper location to drug Bonnie with some Australian aboriginal tea (Yeah, that sounds safe...) and then hypnotize her into not being afraid of all those dead witches.

In Shane's defense, this totally works. He hypnotizes Bonnie easily -- so easily, she should be worried -- and Bonnie then lights about a million candles with her brain. The witch is back!

Remorse and Blood-Spattered Hallucinations

Back in Mystic Falls, no one is having happy-candle moments.

Elena manages to dig about half of a grave for Connor before the arrival of the Salvatores (both of whom are rather stricken that Elena has unknowingly killed her best shot at future humanity) leads to a full-on breakdown.

And neither of the boys can be much comfort, not with all the betrayal and stuff.

Stefan and Damon instead form an uneasy truce as they make vague plans about finding more hunters of the Five. Maybe there is still hope for Elena? Damon doesn't care but does note that Stefan may want this cure for himself -- since he has trouble loving vampire Elena -- more than for his supposed beloved.

Emotional ambiguity is the lot of the humans as well. April has been compelled to forget everything, but both Matt and Jeremy are tired of the secrets. Of course, Jeremy immediately gets a secret of his own -- his hand suddenly sports an invisible tattoo.

It could be awkward if Jeremy suddenly starts wanting to kill his sister and friends.

As for Elena, she's taking one of those showers we usually see in TV shows about rape victims. This gets the blood off figuratively, but Elena confides desperation and sadness to that long-neglected diary of hers.

Until the blood begins to drip on the pages. Surprised, Elena looks around and follows a significant blood trail back to the bathroom. Blood covers the floor and walls, with the word "KILLER" smeared across the mirror.

And then it's gone. Remorse and blood-lust weren't enough to torture Elena. Now she gets hallucinations too!

Is Stefan right to keep his secret from Elena? Could there possibly be a cure for vampirism? Is Elena going bonkers? Leave your comments below!

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