'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Secrets and Alliances Revealed
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Secrets and Alliances Revealed
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Why do I even bother being surprised by The Vampire Diaries any more? The show has more tricks up its sleeve than any other series on TV, and this week's episode, "Kill or Be Killed," changed the game several times by revealing nearly every major secret, including a few we didn't know about.

Sheriff Forbes Learns the Truth About Damon and Stefan

To save himself, Mason reveals to Sheriff Forbes that the Salvatore brothers are vampires, a fact quickly confirmed when Damon chokes on vervain-flavored lemonade. So the sheriff rounds the boys up and tortures them.

Sheriff Forbes Learns the Truth About Caroline

If finding out that your best friend and his brother are vampires isn't bad enough, Sheriff Forbes also finds out about her daughter when Caroline storms in, kills two deputies and saves Damon and Stefan's lives. The only sad part is that it could all be reversed. By the end of the episode, Sheriff Forbes is detoxing in the Salvatore basement so Damon can compel her to forget everything.

Personally, I hope that this doesn't happen. Having a reset button is way too convenient, and the fact that it didn't happen in this episode could mean that Sheriff Forbes will change her mind about wanting to forget.

Tyler Confesses His Family Secret to Jeremy

While Tyler and Jeremy hang out on a double date with two local bimbos, they spend far more time bro-ing out as Tyler reveals the werewolf curse to Jeremy. I like it when Jeremy gets involved, but The Vampire Diaries needs to find a real role for him to play. I still want him to start hanging out with Damon a lot and becoming his little apprentice.

Tyler Almost Kills a Girl

When one of the bimbos takes the moonstone, Tyler chases her and she accidentally falls down the stairs. For a second it looked like she was dead and he activated the curse to become a werewolf, but she was faking. However, he seems to want to become a werewolf, so it's only a matter of time. Now the question is: Who will Tyler Lockwood kill?

Stefan Starts Drinking People Blood

To become strong enough to fight Katherine, Stefan realizes he needs to start drinking human blood so he can learn to control himself. Elena disgustingly agrees to be his own private blood bank. These two are terrible at pretending to fight, because they're actually spending more time together now than before.

Mason and Katherine are Working Together

In the night's biggest twist, it was revealed that Mason is working with Katherine to get the moonstone and that the two are lovers. I officially declare them the ultimate evil power couple, one bad-ass vampire and one awesome werewolf.

The flashbacks to when Mason killed a guy a year ago also make it look like Katherine compelled the guy to start a fight with Mason, meaning Katherine probably orchestrated the whole thing so Mason would accidentally kill someone, become a werewolf and be willing to help her. That's some serious long-term thinking, and it makes me love Katherine even more.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: It's a repeat, but in two weeks, the show returns to find out what Katherine and Mason have planned for the moonstone.

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