'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Older Sexy Danger Guy Rules
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Older Sexy Danger Guy Rules
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon is back to the business at hand, trying to ruin Stefan and Elena's romance with the help of his helpless puppet, Caroline.  Sadly, Stefan spends the whole episode trying to kill his brother by poisoning him with a magical anti-vampire herb.

See, it's Stefan who's being sneaky and underhanded, he's the true villain.  At least Damon is upfront about how naughty he is.  He's also honest when it comes to book reviews, as he bitches about how unbelievable the crappy second Twilight book is.

Caroline insists he needs to read the first one, but Damon insists that Bella isn't so special and Edward is a pathetic whipped vampire.  He's 100 percent right, only you can easily swap out Elena for Bella and Stefan for Edward.

The brotherly feud leads up to the Founder's Party, some generic high society party where everything goes down.  Elena notices the guest list from the original Founder's Party in 1864 and is confused to see the names Stefan and Damon Salvatore.  The cover story is weak and thin, that their ancestors were also brothers fighting over a girl.  Is Elena really that stupid?  How can she not realize there's something seriously wrong with these two guys?

However, Damon's mind games actually work this time, as he finally succeeds in giving Elena enough reason not to trust Stefan, since he won't actually tell her anything about himself.

That all comes to an end when Elena sees the bruises and bite marks on Caroline.  Now she doesn't trust Damon and runs back to Stefan.  But she's still way too stupid to figure out that these guys are vampires.  

Damon managed to steal back some magic crystal, but he's unhappy that his plans fell apart, decides to finally eat and kill Caroline, but as you probably saw coming, Stefan spiked her drink, so when Damon bites her, he gets infected with the anti-vampire herb and goes down, allowing Stefan to grab him and lock him in the basement.  But the magic crystal is left behind, and Caroline takes it.

There's also an interesting subplot where Bonnie becomes a firestarter and another dull installment of the Vicki-Jeremy-Tyler love triangle.  This time, it involved Jeremy guilting his sister into letting him keep a family watch.

But the most important revelation in this episode of The Vampire Diaries is that the adults are far more interesting than I thought.  Wacky Aunt Jenna reconnects with an old flame and we learn Caroline's mom is a cop while Tyler's dad is the mayor and his mom is a raging bitch.

It's trickier than that, because the episode ends with a shocking and fantastic twist: Caroline's mom, Jenna's ex and Tyler's parents are all part of some secret Mystic Falls society that knows all about the vampires and is trying to stop them by finding and using the same watch Jeremy now has.

Hey, The Vampire Diaries has a Watcher's Council!  Now if only they'd let their witch become a lesbian, I could pretend I'm watching Buffy all over again.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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