'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Katherine and Stefan's Love Story
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Katherine and Stefan's Love Story
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Vampire Diaries is a bottomless pit of surprises. This week's episode included some game-changing revelations about what really happened in 1864, but the real twist was an emotional one. Against all my better judgment, I now like Katherine

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It sounds crazy because she's a psychopath, but Katherine's backstory made her sympathetic and proved that she genuinely loves Stefan. She didn't compel him to fall in love with her, she spurned Damon's advances, and after Stefan was killed in 1864, she kissed him and promised they'd be together forever. It was incredibly romantic if you can get over the fact that she threatened to kill Elena and everyone she loves.

The 1864 backstory also showed Katherine meeting George Lockwood, Tyler's werewolf ancestor. The two made a deal where she would give up the other vampires to be placed in the tomb in exchange for her freedom. Not only did Katherine turn her back on the other vampires, but she also gave George the moonstone Mason is now so desperate to find.

This is where The Vampire Diaries reminds me how great it can be. By showing the history of the moonstone, it becomes a far more interesting object and the center of the entire werewolf storyline. I'm still not sure what it is, but if George Lockwood was willing to let Katherine go free for it, it has to be pretty darn powerful.

Stefan and Elena Break Up

In the present, Katherine spent the day with Stefan while she convinced Caroline to keep Elena away. Katherine flirted, seduced and revealed that she spent the last 145 years building up an immunity to vervain. I assume she got the idea from Wesley's iocaine powder tolerance in The Princess Bride.

Katherine threatens to kill Elena and everyone she loves if Stefan stays with her while Caroline spends the day telling Elena all about the reasons not to date a vampire. In the end, Stefan and Elena break-up in public, but it's actually a stunt in front of Caroline so she'll tell Katherine.

I guess it's a good plan, but I don't really understand the next step, or how they plan on keeping it a secret if he still shows up in her room at night.

Damon and Mason: Best Frenemies Forever

In the second story of the episode, Damon gets Jenna and Alaric to host a BBQ and invite Mason Lockwood. It's the perfect opportunity for plenty of Damon's classic wit, especially with all of his werewolf innuendos while getting drunk and playing Pictionary.

Mason finally comes out to Damon as a werewolf, but he promises that he's only in town for his family and he doesn't want a fight. Damon, who is incapable of leaving well enough alone, stabs Mason with a silver knife. Unfortunately, the theory that silver hurts werewolves is a myth, so Mason is fine and is ready for a feud.

Sorry Mason, but this sexy vampire will beat you every time, so it's best to stay out of the way. Mason can't even outwit his own nephew, who still has the moonstone. Speaking of Tyler, we learn that the Lockwood curse, which is genetic, is only triggered by killing someone. I'm still not sure why Mason wouldn't initially tell Tyler, unless he thought that being a werewolf looks so awesome that Tyler might try to kill someone just to be more like Taylor Lautner.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: It looks like Mason tells Sheriff Forbes that the Salvatore brothers are vampires and it's possible the sheriff learns that her daughter is a vampire. This will definitely end very badly for someone.

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