'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon's Killer Dinner Party
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon's Killer Dinner Party
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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If you're not familiar with the traditions of the Passover Seder, a seat is left empty for Elijah, who it is said will visit each house to foreshadow the coming of the Messiah and the end of days. Well, on tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Elijah came to the Salvatore house not for a Seder, but for a dinner party. Regardless of the reason, it certainly does spell the end of days for someone and the arrival of someone else, though I'd hardly call her the Messiah.

In addition to the titular dinner party, we also get more fun flashbacks to the 1860s to continue the saga of Stefan and Damon's early adventures as vampires, including the story of how Stefan met Lexi. Plus, more adorable Jeremy-Bonnie stuff than you can shake a stick at.

The Past

At the cabin in the woods, Stefan and Jonathan Gilbert's journals tell Elena the story of the past. In flashbacks we pick up in the aftermath of the church fire when the vampires were sealed in the Tomb. The newly-vamped Salvatore brothers sought revenge on the founding families, leading Stefan to drink from Jonathan Gilbert.

It's all a part of the plan to get the Salvatores to switch roles. We see Stefan as a bloodthirsty monster who enjoys killing innocent girls while Damon is the cautious one who wants to minimize the damage they do. Evil Stefan is so much more interesting than the regular, do-gooder one, and rational Damon is kind of a wet blanket, but I guess The Vampire Diaries wouldn't work if both brothers were vicious, snarky and evil at the same time. But it sure would be fun.

After Damon left to chart his own course, Stefan met Lexi (aka Alexia Branson) while enjoying the blood of some dying Civil War soldiers. She then became his Obi Wan, teaching how to be a better vampire. Her lesson is all about turning on the human emotions so he can experience intense hurt and intense love.

However, the Lexi story gets sidelined when they find info in the journals about the Original-killing dagger, namely that only a human can use it because if a demon wields it, he'll die.

The Present

The present is all about the adults as Damon, Andie, Alaric, Jenna and Elijah have a dinner party at Salvatore manor. Which Uncle John crashes. Damon wants to use it as an opportunity to kill Elijah with the white oak ash dagger, but after learning the truth about it from Stefan, his plan is foiled.

Until Alaric suddenly takes the dagger and stabs Elijah at the table, killing him. Wow, Alaric the Vampire Slayer rules! Except for one small problem. Stefan and Elena forgot to read the fine print in Jonathan's journal where it says that the dagger has to stay in the Original for him to stay dead.

So Elijah is still alive and he immediately runs off to Jonas to make a new plan now that Damon and the gang have turned on him. He runs up to the cabin to deal with Elena, who tries to make another deal with him. Elijah won't go for it, so Elena threatens to kill herself and let Stefan turn her into a vampire, just like what Katherine did. Elijah doubts her, but Elena proves that she's tougher than we think and she stabs herself.

Elijah gets freaked out and promises to make the deal, but when he gets close, we find out that Damon sped up to the cabin and gave her the dagger, so she stabs Elijah and leaves the dagger in. Man, Elijah died twice in this episode, that has to suck.

The Future

In the episode's other storyline, Jeremy and Bonnie make fast plans for the future of their budding relationship. Jeremy tries to speed things up by inviting her over to his place where he's covered the house in candles (luckily for him, trying too hard is adorable). And Bonnie is more concerned with how Elena will react, so she doesn't want to move forward without her blessing.

Sadly, their "hang thing" is interrupted by Jonas, who threatens Bonnie if anything bad happens to Luka because of the information she extracted from him. He also steals her powers, which is apparently something witches can do. At least their future doesn't have to be plagued with witchcraft and now maybe these two crazy kids can just be together.

The future is less bright for Jenna and Alaric because she wants to know what he's hiding about Isobel, and Alaric refuses to tell her about all the vampire craziness going on around her. Stupid Alaric just come clean already.

Finally, just when you thought the worst was over, Damon gets a surprise in his shower: Katherine. Elijah's death made her compulsion wear off, so she's out of the Tomb and back in the world. I see more doppelganger hijinks in our future.

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