'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Elena is Honest with Herself
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Elena is Honest with Herself
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After the Connor debacle from last week, Elena was left with hallucinations from the Hunter's Curse in "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes." As the main character, there was no worry that she'd actually kill herself, but how would her friends get her out of this mess? Someone was sure to be sacrificed to save her, who would it be?

Elena Gets Visits from Connor, Katherine, and Her Mother

Poor Jeremy! He's always in the wrong place. This time it was his own kitchen when Elena stabbed him during her hallucination. At least, there wasn't any permanent damage. His sister's hallucinations only got worse from there.

Connor just wouldn't leave her alone. The Hunter's Curse was in full force and I'm not sure which vision was the worst. At least with Connor, Elena was only forced to deal with killing him rather than her own personal issues.

The appearance of Katherine made her question who she was becoming. She was no longer the sweet, innocent human Elena, instead she was turning into Katherine. As much as she fought it, she knew it was true. This vision also brought the realization that Stefan may no longer love her, but she would always have Damon.

When Elena escaped she went to the bridge and saw her mother. Elena was saved twice, but maybe the third time would really bring about her death. What a horrible vision to have ... your mother trying to convince you to kill yourself. Ouch.

At least Damon showed up in time to help Elena once the curse was broken.

What's Up With Shane?

Shane is a mysterious professor, that's for sure. Is he helping Bonnie or is he using her? His motives are still not clear. He knew April's father, so have we found the link to the mass killing?

Shane was able to hypnotize Bonnie, so couldn't have have done the same thing to April's father and then force him to blow up the farm house? He definitely had the means and he also had the motive. Perhaps, he didn't want the council going after the vampires anymore, so Connor could complete his mark.

If we don't find out beforehand, we will definitely get a clearer understanding of his intentions when Jeremy completes his hunter's mark.

The Werewolves and Hybrids - Friends or Enemies?

Now that Caroline conspired with her vampire friends to kill Chris, will the werewolves and hybrids still trust the vampires? Caroline and Tyler love one another, so hopefully they will be able to overcome this situation.

At the same time, Caroline sacrificed one of Tyler's friends to save another of their friends. Who decides which person is more worthy? In the end, I suspect Tyler will come to terms with the decision, even Klaus was willing to sacrifice Chris to cure Elena.

Caroline's date with Klaus though is going to be difficult for Tyler to ever accept. It's not like she wants to go out with him. She was making the deal that needed to be made to save Elena. The bonus is that it helps sell the situation with Hayley. A win-win.

Tyler needs to grow up!

Elena and Stefan Break Up

This was bound to happen. Elena is no longer the same person she was as a human. She has grown closer to Damon every day and trusts him in a way she no longer can Stefan. With all the back-and-forth throughout the seasons, I'm finally happy in the way it was resolved.

Elena was honest and just put the truth out there. There was no teenage angst, rather there were just facts. Going forward, I hope that Stefan and Elena can continue to be friends. She needs someone like him on her side.

At the same time, I hope she doesn't just jump into a relationship with Damon. They need to get to know each other and grow to love and respect one another in a new way.

What do you think is Shane's story? Is he a threat? Or will he be someone to be counted on? Are you glad that Elena and Stefan broke up?

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