'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon Makes a Life or Death Decision
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon Makes a Life or Death Decision
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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All of the big events on The Vampire Diaries happen at a party. Vicki was killed at the Halloween dance. Tyler killed someone and Katherine was captured at the masquerade ball. And now there's the '60s dance, where Klaus made his presence known in the form of Alaric, facing off against Bonnie in a battle to the death.

The tragic events begin with AlariKlaus (my nickname for the teacher being possessed by the oldest vampire in existence) getting the 411 on the Mystic Falls gang from Katherine. To prove what a total bad-ass he is, AlariKlaus promises that, after chasing Katherine for 500 years, he'll drag out her death for 250 years, starting by compelling her to repeatedly stab herself in the leg for the entire episode.

AlariKlaus is on a mission to find out what other secrets Elena and her friends might have so he can be properly informed before the real Klaus shows up. He learns that Bonnie has her powers back, but what he, Elena and the Salvatores don't know is that if Bonnie uses her powers to kill Klaus, she'll also most likely kill herself, a sacrifice she's willing to make but Jeremy isn't.

That secret doesn't stay secret for long, because Damon overhears Bonnie and Jeremy talking about it and then Jeremy tells Stefan, who tells Elena. Damon is perfectly fine with Bonnie sacrificing herself to kill Klaus, but Stefan and Elena aren't.

The plan for AlariKlaus is simple: Get Bonnie to use all her power to try and kill him, killing herself (and possibly Alaric) in the process, paving the way for Klaus to show up with having to deal with the witch. It's a solid plan that goes down at the '60s dance when he corners Bonnie and Elena. Stefan comes to save Elena, but Damon stays behind with Bonnie to hatch a scheme of their own, which involves letting her fight AlariKlaus, even if it kills her.

Which it does. That's right, Bonnie is dead, AlariKlaus vanished, and when Elena and Stefan find her, it's quite sad. Well, it would be if it wasn't incredibly obvious that this was all a ruse and that Bonnie and Damon only faked her death to convince Klaus that the threat was gone, which is exactly what happened. The Vampire Diaries is usually pretty good at these shocking twists, but this one was a little too easy to see coming a mile away.

In the end, Elena slaps Damon for letting Bonnie die before he tells her that it was all pretend and that her best friend is really alive. Damon then lays two huge truth bombs on the people closest to him.

Truth Bomb for Elena: While Bonnie's death was fake this time, Damon lets Elena know that the next time, he's more than willing to let Bonnie sacrifice herself to save Elena. He will always choose Elena over anyone else, no matter what.

Truth Bomb for Stefan: Damon didn't tell Stefan about the plan because he wouldn't have agreed to it and he would've just told Elena anyway, which would've made it less convincing for AlariKlaus. Damon then tells his brother that he's OK making the hard decisions while Stefan worries about "the collateral damage." Damon is willing to let Elena hate him, because he knows that he's the one who's actually keeping her alive.

And just like that, Damon wins the debate, because Stefan isn't willing to let Bonnie die to save Elena, even if it's the only way to do it.

But is it the only way? Not if you're Elena, who ends the episode with a big move to try and figure out an alternate plan for killing Klaus that will keep Bonnie alive. Elena goes into the Salvatore basement, finds Elijah, and pulls the dagger out of his body, bringing him back to life. It's amazing how Elena can always find the worst possible thing to do, and then does it.

What Didn't Happen This Week?

Aunt Jenna and Uncle John were MIA in this episode and if you're wondering what Sheriff Forbes and Matt are going to do with all the information they have, keep waiting, because they do nothing but give Caroline sideways glances. This episode was really all about Klaus, so any other storylines got kicked to the curb.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: Elijah tells the story of Klaus and Katherine, complete with flashbacks to the 15h century and our first real look at Joseph Morgan as Klaus.

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